Yo La Tengo + The Minus 5

Music, Rock and indie
Yo La Tengo
Photograph: Jacob Blickenstaff

After more than three decades together, stalwart indie-rockers Yo La Tengo are still a band that is full of surprises. The group's latest album, There's a Riot Going On, features songs stitched together from old demos, rejected films scores and stream-of-conscious jams, resulting in one of the trio's most varied collection of songs to date, ranging from subdued folks ballads to droning instrumentals. By the same token, contemporary Yo La Tengo live sets are filled with unexpected moments—yes, they'll probably play "Autumn Sweater," but you might also hear a noisy Velvet Underground cover or a subdued acoustic rendition of a Painful track along the way. Pop rock outfit the Minus 5 (fronted by R.E.M. auxiliary member Scott McCaughey) open this Out of Space show at Temperance Beer Co.


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