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Allen, 28 | Date these singles

Interested in males
Photograph: John Cary Allen A

Lincoln Park

Design studio coordinator

What makes you a good catch?
My sharp wit and sense of humor, infectious laugh, unwaveringly optimistic view on life, killer fashion sense, cooking ability, athletic prowess and my big heart.

What’s your idea of a perfect first date?
A challenging workout/tennis match followed by -- notwithstanding the need to shower afterward -- some sort of cultural exploration (architecture tour, art exhibit, fashion show, wine tasting) good conversation over an amazing meal, walking him home and culminating with an electric goodnight kiss.

Favorite hangout
Wang's on Broadway

Secret talent

I can make a decadent variety of homemade dessert truffles and give amazing massages.

Describe your ideal match

An adventurous, ambitious, witty, compassionate dog lover who shares common interests in working out, the arts, movies and books, but whose life is different enough that we can share and learn from those differences. Someone who lives life deliberately and is living his dream or moving assertively toward his dreams, whatever they may be.

Name one thing a date could do that would make you go crazy (in a good way).
I'm a talker -- if he can keep up with me and ask more questions or tell more interesting stories than I do, he's a winner.

Name one thing a date could do that would make you go crazy (in a bad way).

Paying more attention to his phone's incoming texts and calls than to me, regardless of how disinterested he may be.

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