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Right now we want Brackish bow ties and more.

TOC’s must-haves of the moment also include painted pennies.
 (Photograph: Courtey of Brackish Bowties)
Photograph: Courtey of Brackish BowtiesJust in time for fall wedding season: Guys can dress up their formal look with these Brackish bow ties. The fashion-forward accessories are handcrafted from turkey or pheasant feathers, and just might get more compliments than the bride�s getup. $80-$95 at
 (photo: Courtesy of
photo: Courtesy of benjos.comOkay, you could easily paint pennies yourself. But if you�re feeling lazy, stick these Benjo�s colorful pennies in your loafers. We�re fancying the canary-yellow hue. $16 at
 (Photograph: Courtesy of Cisthene)
Photograph: Courtesy of CistheneGemstones aren�t just jewelry. The patterns inspire spectacular designs, such as this silk pyrite scarf. Bonus: Pyrite is said to bring luck, wealth and success to its owners. So life could seriously start looking up when you wear this guy around town. $225 at
 (Photograph: Courtesy of Anthropologie)
Photograph: Courtesy of AnthropologieInstead of searching for the perfect collection of art prints to create a gallery-style display, we�re thinking this new antiquarian wallpaper by Hollister and Hovey Porter will pack an even bigger punch on living-room walls. $148 at

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