Samuel Mitchell, 44

Hair colorist dishes sex advice to his younger self.

Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki

Hubbard Street and Dearborn Parkway

What do you do? I color hair at the Trump.

Is it like Shampoo—lots of older women cheating on their rich husbands? Oh, no, the reverse. It’s a bunch of rich older women whose idea of fun is lunching at Barneys. That’s sex to them! Sex is so far from their minds because they’re carrying every color of Birkin bag and they’ve got a car and driver.

At 44, what sex advice do you wish you could give your 24-year-old self? Patience! Patience in both choosing a partner and in the act itself. I’ve found it’s just more fun.

What’s your relationship status? I’ve been in a relationship for three years. I thought I had all my fun when I was younger, but I feel I’m actually getting my kicks now. The older I get, the more I know how to please my partner…and get what I want, too.

What’s your secret? I’m really into monogamy, so that helps. I’ve been monogamous since I moved from Dallas, Texas, a few years ago. Quite a gay scene there!

Is it true everything’s bigger in Texas? It is! [Laughs] It is! But sleeping around bores me. Especially in the gay community, lots of people are into three-ways and sharing partners. They’re in long-lasting relationships, but they’re constantly fighting because of jealousy.

And with apps like Grindr, it’s almost too easy to be a slut. I found the apps were more work if you’re in the mood for a quick hookup. You end up, like, texting all night.