A group of dishes from different eateries at Time Out Market Chicago
Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

Your guide to the food and drink at Time Out Market Chicago—and how to order

Before you visit Time Out Market, take a closer look at our all-star chef eateries and beverage offerings.


There's a lot going on inside Time Out Market Chicago, the 50,000-square-foot food and cultural epicenter located at 916 W Fulton Market in the heart of the West Loop. The building is home to editorially-curated eateries from some of Chicago's top chefs, several world-class bars, a state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen and an impressive all-season rooftop terrace. We'll give you a second to catch your breath.

Whether you want to order in person or take advantage of mobile ordering, there are several options for getting your hands on some delicious food and drink. With mobile ordering, you can transform your dining experience by skipping the lines and ordering from several kitchens in one seamless transaction. Staff will even bring the food directly to your table!

Speaking of food, there's plenty to explore, with menu options that run the gamut from stacked burgers and mouthwatering smoked meats to fresh sushi and over-the-top milkshakes. Take a closer look at all of our chef and beverage options, and visit Time Out Market Chicago in the West Loop.

Time Out Market Chicago eateries

  • West Loop

Coastal Indian Cuisine 

When co-owners Manish and Rina Mallick first traveled to Goa, they were captivated by the region’s beautiful white sand beaches and Portuguese architecture. But the coastal Indian state’s delicious cuisine left an even bigger impression, with pristine seafood served alongside spicy curry and fluffy poi bread. The pair founded Bar Goa to share these delicacies with Chicagoans, serving a variety of dishes that just happen to pair nicely with a cold beer or a refreshing cocktail.

Signature dish: Pork Vindaloo Poi-wich

  • West Loop

Eclectic Ramen

Steaming bowls of noodles have been a fixture of chef Bill Kim’s menus ever since he opened his first restaurant, and diners have always been eager to slurp his latest creations. Originally launched as a delivery-only concept, Bill Kim Ramen Shop specializes in broths that draw on Korean, Vietnamese and Mexican flavors, garnished with a creative array of toppings. Whether you’re looking for a conventional bowl or ramen or something a bit more adventurous, Kim has something you can enjoy by the spoonful.

Signature dish: Korean BBQ Mushroom Ramen

  • Cafés
  • West Loop

Coffee and Pastries

Every morning deserves the perfect start, and that’s precisely what you’ll get at Chitiva Cafe. Backed by award-winning pastry chef Steven Krizman, the extensive all-day menu features an assortment of baked goods, from fresh fruit Danishes to buttery croissants, alongside breakfast sandwiches, caffeinated beverages and more. For those with a sweet tooth, indulgent desserts like the chocolate marquise provide an impeccable ending to any meal. And don’t think twice about grabbing a delightful treat to savor later when the craving calls.

Signature dish: Chocolate marquise

  • Barbecue
  • West Loop

Smoked Meats

When Bonni Cameron took over County BBQ in 2020, she recognized the importance of preserving a winning formula. For more than a decade, the Little Italy restaurant has been serving up a diverse array of smoked meats, inspired by traditions from all across the country. Here, you can savor melt-in-your-mouth Texas-style brisket, succulent Carolina pulled pork and finger-licking rib tips prepared the Chicago way—each perfectly complemented by three house-made sauces. Of course, no barbecue feast would be complete without the essential sides so don’t forget the mac and cheese—crafted with beer cheese sauce—and creamy corn pudding.

Signature dish: Brisket

  • Ethiopian
  • West Loop

Ethiopian Cuisine

Growing up in Tigray, Ethiopia with 10 other siblings, chef Tigist Reda learned at a young age how to cook for large groups. Her passion for entertaining turned professional in 2007 when she opened Demera to showcase the bold and vibrant flavors of her home country. Prepare to get hands-on as you scoop up dishes like doro wot—spicy and fragrant chicken stew—with the spongy sour flatbread known as injera. It’s the perfect communal dining experience, but we won’t blame you for not wanting to share.

Signature dish: Doro wot 

  • Hamburgers
  • West Loop

German-Inspired Burgers

Drawing inspiration from the modest origins of the hamburger, chef Jorge Kauam’s German-American concept offers a variety of smashed creations that blend the comfort of familiarity with striking inventiveness. Through modern techniques and premium ingredients, including a specially crafted spice rub for the beef patties, Kauam presents umami-rich options like the namesake Gutenburg Burger and the indulgent Guten Belly Burger, which comes adorned with luscious caramelized pork belly. And don’t overlook the accompaniments—the sweet potato fries elevated with brown butter and blue cheese are an essential complement to every order.

Signature dish: Gutenburg Burger

  • West Loop

Milkshakes & Other Treats

The classic diner gets a dose of ‘80s- and ‘90s-inspired nostalgia at JoJo’s Shake Bar, where visitors can sip decadent milkshakes beneath photos of Biggie Smalls, Bill Murray and other heroes from the era. You can opt for a customized flavor or try a milk bar (essentially a milkshake in popsicle form), but we also suggest one of the shop’s signature Biggie Shakes if you’re feeling adventurous: Topped with a cornucopia of cookies, candy and marshmallows, they’re a delightful sugar rush and a blast from the past all at once. 

Signature dish: Girl Scout Biggie Shake


  • West Loop

Latin Street Food and Tacos

Chef Rodolfo Cuadros refers to himself as a “nomad” after a decade spent working alongside Latin American cooks in Miami, London and France. When he opened Wicker Park restaurant Amaru in 2019, Cuadros set out to serve pan-Latin cuisine and share parts of the various cultures that inspire his recipes. Lil Amaru is a continuation of Cuadro’s mission to explore the soul of Latin American cooking, focusing on delicious dishes that are commonly sold by street vendors in countries like Mexico, Cuba and Colombia.

Signaure dish: Pacific rockfish taco

  • Soul and southern American
  • West Loop

All-Day Brunch

Paying tribute to the influential women in her family who ignited her passion for cooking, Jamie Gilmore delivers Southern-style brunch fare infused with Creole love. At Lizzy J Cafe, the menu boasts all-day specialties like a crab cake Benedict, lemon ricotta pancakes and roasted lamb chops served alongside eggs and breakfast potatoes, complemented by a selection of refreshing teas and lemonades. No matter the hour, come in for a leisurely sit-down experience that satisfies with an array of comforting dishes.

Signature dish: Crab cake Benedict

  • Japanese
  • West Loop

Fresh Sushi

A seasoned veteran of the sushi world, Ismael Lucero Lopez has spent decades meticulously refining his skills in slicing pristine fish. At Madai, the menu honors traditional Japanese flavors while weaving in elements of Latin and Pan-Asian influences. Satisfy your seafood craving by indulging in inventive maki rolls like the El Baja—panko ebi, tuna and avocado, crowned with marinated jalapeños—or a selection of nigiri, sashimi and chirashi bowls. Whichever you choose, you’ll savor the essence of fresh, open waters through Lopez’s impeccable creations.

Signature dish: El Baja roll

  • Soul and southern American
  • West Loop

Brunch All Day

Brunch is always a good idea, especially if you’re sitting down to chef Jamie Gilmore’s Southern-style favorites. Start your day on a delectable high note with comforting, traditional specialties elevated with Creole twists. Satisfy the sweet tooth by indulging in vanilla bourbon-glazed French toast adorned with fruits and whipped cream, or opt for the timeless shrimp and grits—smoked gouda and cheddar grits married with crawfish étouffée and andouille sausage. Of course, no great meal would be complete without dessert, so give in to the temptation of peach cobbler.

Signature dish: Shrimp and grits

  • Soul and southern American
  • West Loop

Art Smith

Art Smith has donned many hats during his illustrious career, from chef to diplomat to sports team owner, but one thing that’s been consistent is his unwavering passion for Southern hospitality. At Sporty Bird, you can get your hands on Smith’s famous fried chicken, which has been a longtime favorite among locals and luminaries alike. Accompanied by decadent mac and cheese, it’s everything you’d expect from a celebrated, two-time James Beard Award winner. If you’re in the mood for a handheld, the array of inventive chicken sandwiches promise to satisfy. And lest we forget, save room for dessert—the hummingbird cake is an irresistible delight that simply can’t be missed.

Signature dish: Art Smith's famous fried chicken

  • West Loop

Asian Fusion Fare

Born in Seoul and raised in Chicago, chef Bill Kim's earliest food memory is standing at his mother's side, grinding sesame seeds with a mortar and pestle. Back when his career first started, Kim immersed himself in French cuisine, with guidance from industry heavyweights like Jean Banchet and Charlie Trotter. These days, he's developed a signature style all his own, dispensing a hit list of border-blending, Asian-inflected treats.

Signature dish: Caramelized Dumplings 

  • West Loop

Chicago, we know you're thirsty, which is why we put a bar on every floor of the Market in addition to our secret speakeasy from Lost Lake's co-owners. The editorially curated beverage program features inspired libations created by leading mixologists throughout the city.

  • West Loop

Named for Time Out founder Tony Elliott, Tony’s is the crown jewel of Time Out Market Chicago. The cozy all-season rooftop bar is decorated in vintage Time Out London covers, twinkling lights and handsome wood beams that stretch the length of the room.

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