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The ultimate guide to Christchurch


The best of Christchurch

The 12 best things to do in Christchurch

Before diving into the best things to do in Christchurch, a short history lesson. This city was once synonymous with gardens, green parks and a meandering easy pace – but that all changed in February 2011, when a magnitude 6.3 earthquake took the lives of nearly 200 people and destroyed over half the buildings in the city centre. The city is still green and beautiful but a steely resilience, resourcefulness and creativity has emerged in those who chose to stay in Christchurch. While there are still empty spaces where buildings used to be, the rebuild is vibrant—just take a look at the restaurant scene—and there’s a palpable feeling of excitement and adventure as new pockets of creativity continue to pop up. Done something on this list and loved it? Share it with the hashtag #TimeOutDoList and tag @TimeOutEverywhere. Find out more about how Time Out selects the very best things to do all over the world.

The 12 best restaurants in Christchurch

The one advantage of restaurants in Christchurch? Having your restaurant damaged in an earthquake is an opportunity to rebuild and reconstruct your offering exactly as you want. In February 2011, an earthquake hit Christchurch and destroyed many of the city’s buildings. These days, the city is well and truly experiencing a culinary rebirth, along with things to do and explore – so much so that it’s impossible to keep up with all the new restaurants, bars and cafés opening up. To help you make a start, we've compiled a guide to the best restaurants in Christchurch.