The Stereo Workers Union (Record Release Show)

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The Stereo Workers Union (Record Release Show)
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The Stereo Workers Union (Record Release Show) says
"H.J. DeBoe loves rock & roll. But he's no collector nerd, rock star wannabe, or big fish in a little pond harboring delusions of grandeur; he's a thoroughly devoted fan and musician. Talk with him for a few minutes, and the very cadence of his speech betrays a lifetime of rock immersion: simultaneously intelligent, blunt, opinionated, enthusiastic, and slightly adolescent - yet, realistic. More important, the guitarist, singer, songwriter has absorbed the fundamentals that made the music great in the first place: Riffs and melodies that crawl underneath your skin, emotional immediacy, heartfelt singing, thoughtful inspiration, wit and economy sans retro affection. His band is The Stereo Workers Union..." Soon after forming the band DeBoe would begin to work with now long time collaborator and band member Alfredo Garcia. The two set off to bring to light their influences, the lyrical musings of Bob Dylan and John Lennon with Beatlesque harmonies, the high energy rock & roll sensibilities of The Faces and The Rolling Stones and the raw power of Black Sabbath. Combined with the sound of the modern psychedelic movement, The Stereo Workers Union realizes it's vision on their new record "Get Down with the Way Down." Recorded primarily at the headquarters for The Committee to Keep Music Evil (Home base for The Brian Jonestown Massacre) in Lake Hollywood, CA. the album was finished and mixed by Tim Long at TSW's studio in Ohio City, Ohio. With Alfredo on lead guitar and sharing the writing duties, and now having played shows with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, Spindrift and The High Dials (to name a few). The Stereo Workers Union is looking forward to extensive touring in 2013 to support the release of "Get Down with the Way Down". They are also halfway through the production of what will be their follow-up record "Creek Prowess". So let's rest when we're dead... and in the meantime may we find solace in the union.

Excerpt written by Mark Keresman, Chicago based Freelance writer, taken from a Scene magazine Article

The Stereo Workers Union are

z H.J. Deboe
Alfredo Garcia
Brandon Zano
Rob Campanella
Andy Campanella
Jure Zovko
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