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Vicki Chew | Anita Herczog & Friends says
Thursday, July 6th, 2017


Vicki Chew

True Confessions:

1. I used to play harmonica in my room to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. I WAS a Spider From Mars!

2. I wrote a letter to the Doobie Brothers stating that if they ever needed a female vocalist I was available.

3. I could sit for long spells listening to Jackson Browne’s pain and angst and was certain I could help him.

Reality Check:

1. The harmonica went by the wayside when I realized it took my lipgloss off and, oh yeah, I wasn’t able to sing.

2. I waited for the response that was certain to come from the Doobie’s people but never heard back. I assumed
my letter was lost.

3. At age fifteen I got a guitar and a book of chords and started writing my own songs full of pain and angst.

When I think about my parents and my childhood, what stands out is music – music and dancing and plenty of it. Jazz, big band, dixieland and the great American songbook. I grew up listening to the best music and the best players and vocalists- Ella, Sarah, Frank and Louis, putting their signatures on the great songs. Meanwhile upstairs a different kind of music was coming out from under our bedroom doors. The Beach Boys, The Platters, The Supremes, Carole King, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, the list goes on and on and continues to grow. It’s all been inspiring and influential and found its way in to my songs one way or another.
God help me!!

How do you write a song? Some say “it just came out”. Bam – there! For me songwriting is both cathartic and productive. Kind of like therapy and getting something done at the same time. The lyric has to be concise without jeopardizing the emotional aspect and the music sets the mood and transports the lyric. When I was working on The Turtle Sea I was thinking about snorkeling. Drifting, with the water rocking me forward and back and I tried to capture the motion of the water with my guitar. When I play the tune I sort of drift off.

I have been writing songs for many years and have recorded three cd’s. The first as part of the duo Under The Tree with Bill Lestock titled Your Perfect Life. The second is The Bells of Saint Rose featuring Jackie Warren, Peter Dominguez and Ron Godale. The most recent release is People In The Sun with my fabulous bandmates Dave Huddleston and Gary Naherny. It’s been a privilege and an honor to play with such talented musicians through the years. The creativity they brought to the songs has been an inspiration. They are all treasured artists.

I love performing. Love love love recording. But most of all I love to write a song!


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By: The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern