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Courtesy: Airbnb/Organica Yoga Shelter

The 11 best Airbnbs in Costa Rica for an epic rainforest escape

From yoga retreats to artistic conversions, these are the best Airbnbs to stay in if you’re headed to Costa Rica.

Written by
Katherine Lovage
Ella Doyle
Alex Floyd-Douglass
Camila Karalyte
Alys Lloyd

Costa Rica is most likely a spot you've dreamt of visiting. But why stick to dreaming when you can turn it into a real-life adventure? Picture yourself basking in the warm sun, soaking up the crystal-clear sea, and sinking your toes into those stunning golden beaches. It's paradise, plain and simple.

But Costa Rica isn't just about escaping into rainforests and forgetting the world. Nope, this place is a whole blend of cultures waiting to be explored. Think colorful markets packed with local crafts and historical sites that tell tales of the country's past. It's a treasure trove of experiences ready and waiting for you.

Feeling the pull to pack your bags and head there? Us too! But before you embark on your Costa Rican journey, let us show you some of the coolest Airbnbs in the country. Get set to turn that dreamy Costa Rican escape into the adventure of a lifetime...

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Who makes the cut? While we might not stay in every Airbnb featured, we've based our list on top reviews, hosts, and amenities to find you the best stays. This article includes affiliate links. These links have no influence on our editorial content. For more information, see our affiliate guidelines.

The best Airbnbs in Costa Rica

The glass cabin in the forest near Monteverde
Photograph: Airbnb

1. The glass cabin in the forest near Monteverde

Sometimes, it’s not about how big and splashy a place is. This glass cabin looks out over the surrounding forest through its glass walls, and you get a spectacular 270° view of the Pacific Ocean nearby. Oh, and there’s a private deck with a hot tub for you to soak up those views. 

Beds? One bed. Sleeps up to two guests.
The space: Views, views, and more views.

Location perks: You're a 12-minute
 drive away from Downtown Santa Elena where you will find the National Bank, post office, church, and several supermarkets.
Budget range: A good option for a romantic getaway that's not too expensive.

The yoga retreat in the Paquera District
Courtesy: Airbnb/Organica Yoga Shelter

2. The yoga retreat in the Paquera District

There aren't many Airbnbs in the world where guests can exclaim "this place can change your life" but this one in Costa Rica's stunning Paquera District just might. The Organica Yoga Shelter has opened up its intimate space on Airbnb to provide its visitors with a truly peaceful retreat experience. Whether you want to come for a full yoga retreat or simply spend a few days in paradise, this is the place for you. Namaste indeed.

Beds? Four beds. Sleeps up to five guests.
The space: 
From the yoga deck overlooking the ocean to the infinity pool at sunset, this place has zen written all over it.
Location perks: Enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, the Tortuga Islands, the canopy, and Curu National Park.
Budget range: Pretty affordable.

The treehouse in Manuel Antonio
Courtesy: Airbnb

3. The treehouse in Manuel Antonio

Treehouses aren’t just for cutesy creatures. At this impressive wooden structure, you can get some well-deserved shut-eye amongst the canopy, where a perfectly placed hammock provides you with romantic views across the horizon – and don’t forget to look out for a monkey or two.

Beds? One bed. Sleeps up to two guests.
The space: A true jungle paradise.

Location perks: You're a 15-minute walk away from downtown Quepos, where you can grab a bus to the beach or National Park Manuel Antonio. 
Budget range: This one's a steal.

The geodome in the jungle in Tajo Alto
Photograph: Airbnb

4. The geodome in the jungle in Tajo Alto

Head out to the green, glittering forests of Tajo Alto and you’ll discover this unusual dome with views of the Puntarenas. A few steps away from the rest of the amenities (an endearing wooden kitchen, a shower, and an outdoor air bath), it’s the perfect spot for those who want to forget that crowded, built-up cities even exist.

Beds? One bed. Sleeps up to two guests.
The space: This place really is a o
nce-in-a-lifetime experience.
Location perks: Take a look at the photos. The views speak for themselves.
Budget range: Pretty reasonable.

The rainforest treehouse with hot springs in San Carlos
Courtesy: Airbnb

5. The rainforest treehouse with hot springs in San Carlos

You need to see this sky-high Airbnb to believe it. Straight out of a child’s imagination, it’s a far cry from budget hotels and your average stay. Instead, expect 12 natural hot and cool springs, pools of various temperatures, and rainforest trails.

Beds? Three beds. Sleeps up to four guests.
The space: Shabby chic. We love it.

Location perks: Enjoy a peaceful countryside stay in a non-touristy rural area of family farms, orchards, and rainforests.
Budget range: A great budget-friendly option.

The cozy home in the Cartago Mountains
Photograph: Airbnb

6. The cozy home in the Cartago Mountains

Best dig out your hiking boots, because this spot is perfect for those seeking rural hikes across lush landscapes. Bordered by a small, meandering river, the home is suitable for up to four guests. It also has spacious areas to eat, drink and relax, and boasts heart-warming sunset views from over the balcony.

Beds? Three beds. Sleeps up to four guests.
The space: A super cozy mountain home.

Location perks: Just 2km away from downtown Llano Grande, a rural community on the slopes of the Irazú volcano.
Budget range: Slightly pricer.

The glass-walled home overlooking the Baru River Valley
Courtesy: Airbnb

7. The glass-walled home overlooking the Baru River Valley

Nothing screams ‘holiday’ like waking up to views from your floor-to-ceiling windows. And in this glass-walled pad, you can look out over the spectacular Baru River Valley while you drink your morning coffee. Outside is 12 acres of stunning nature for you to bask in, but inside is rather pretty, too. 

Beds? One bed. Sleeps up to four guests.
The space: Super modern with breathtaking views.

Location perks: 
The property sits in the gated community of Valle de los Caballos- surrounded by sweeping vista views, bamboo-lined drives, waterfalls, oh and a jungle.
Budget range: A good option for families.

The ocean view villa in Puntarenas
Photograph: Airbnb

8. The ocean view villa in Puntarenas

This pretty villa is housed within a private area with similar properties. Secluded and surrounded by an ocean-blue, well, ocean, taking a dip is easy. There’s also a shaded terrace, comfy furniture, and an infinity pool – according to reviews, everything has been maintained to a pristine condition. Impressive stuff. 

Beds? Three beds. Sleeps up to four guests.
The space: Simply stunning.

Location perks: Enjoy a private, quiet stay, away from busy tourist spots. 
Budget range: A luxury stay.

The boutique working coffee ranch in Concepcion de San Isidro
Courtesy: Airbnb

9. The boutique working coffee ranch in Concepcion de San Isidro

This relaxed villa gives you a taste of authentic farm living. If you’re seeking a day trip, make a beeline for the nearby Poas Volcano and climb to the top. Strawberry fields are also nearby, and if you drive to the top of the National Park, you can see into the Poas Volcano crater. Mother Nature sure knows what she’s doing, doesn’t she?

Beds? One bed. Sleeps up to two guests.
The space: A compact but fully functional studio space.

Location perks: Experience what it's like to live in 'the real Costa Rica'.
Budget range: Great for budget-conscious travelers.

The large home in Atenas
Courtesy: Airbnb

10. The large home in Atenas

At an impressive 1200m altitude, this spot has a spectacular vista. The location is pretty great too – positioned between Montezuma and the airport, it’s a handy spot to spend the night whilst traveling or to unwind after a long-haul flight. 

Beds? One bed. Sleeps up to four guests.
The space:
design-conscious home made with sustainable materials and completed with furniture from local craftsmen.
Location perks: How often do you get to stay on top of a mountain overlooking the stunning Baru River Valley? 
Budget range: Not too bad.

The jungle-based hub with pool in Montezuma
Courtesy: Airbnb

11. The jungle-based hub with pool in Montezuma

Going on a getaway with a group of friends or family? This larger-than-life abode sleeps six in its three bedrooms. Take a seat within the glorious architecture (swoon), look out across the rainforest, and nibble on breakfast – which is included in the price, FYI.

Beds? Five beds. Sleeps up to ten guests.
The space: This place is the real deal.

Location perks: You'll be staying right above Montezuma, close to the waterfalls, zip line canopy tour, and butterfly garden.
Budget range: Expensive on paper but good value when split between ten.


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