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Babyfather at El Club
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Enter Dean Blunt, multi-faceted performance artist, accused prankster and formerly half of hypnagogic enigmas Hype Williams. Hyperdub have been keen to underscore on Twitter that BBF is not actually a Dean Blunt solo record, but one has to wonder what Babyfather actually is. Likely, it’s Blunt plus aliases, although BBF also features guest appearances from Arca and Micachu. But where Black Metal, one of last year’s very finest records, saw Blunt trading on introspection to the point of depression, on BBF he turns his attention to the world at large – or, more specifically, the experience of a black man in the UK.

The first track is the most explicitly political thing Blunt has ever done. It’s a five-minute meander consisting of a loop of a man stating, “This makes me proud to be British,” (possibly a speech from London’s 2012 Olympics?) over a delicately plucked instrumental. If the piss-taking wasn’t immediately evident, it becomes so through the drudgery of repetition. It sets the tone for the rest of the record. It’s about the multitudinous interpretations of national identity, about the exclusion of marginalised voices in moments of national celebration, about the sheer bullshit of state-sanctioned public events. It’s a difficult listen, but it immediately underscores the sense of despondency running through the record.
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