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Sweet, juicy round red droplets from heaven will grace the art scene in Detroit on July 8th, 2017. More than 20 artists have been contemplating and fabricating these succulent little innuendos during that past months. Please gather with us at Public Pool from 7-11 p.m. to celebrate the divinity and ecstasy known as The Cherry. Games will be had and Art will gawked at, curator Alice V. Schneider will personally blast a shot of icy cold cherry pucker down the esophagus of anyone wearing something red or cherry themed! “CHERRIES!” will run through July 29th with special programming Saturday July 15th & 22nd during the gallery hours of 12-6 p.m. Perhaps even a cherry pie-eating contest, eh? Only time will tell.

Curious how you could possibly relive this magical night, in public or in the privacy of your own home? Scott Boyink will be printing some “CHERRIES!” themed shirts during the opening reception; if you bring your own shirt he will print it for a mere $5.

Behold, the names of “CHERRIES!” Artists… If you are to see them from now until the opening night please forgive their red-stained fingertips, for it is not blood.

Adrienne Looper & Kegger Visee,
Alex Buzzalini,
Andy Thompson,
Brad Taormina,
Brian Krawczyk,
Cedric Tai,
Claire D'Aoust,
Clint Snider,
Dalia Reyes,
Darcel Deaneu,
Davin Brainard,
Dylan Spaysky,
Jackie Rines,
Jane Orr,
Jessica Frelinghuysen,
Mary Fortuna,
Megan Frye,
PD Rearick,
Sarah Rayburn,
Sean Hages,
Scott Northrup
Steven B. Cherry
Curator Alice V. Schneider
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By: Public Pool