Cassidy Ebony Blahnik Presents The Halloween Havoc Ball "Desecrat

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Cassidy Ebony Blahnik Presents The Halloween Havoc Ball "Desecrat
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Cassidy Ebony Blahnik Presents The Halloween Havoc Ball "Desecrat says
Commentators: Tornado Blahnik & a special commentator

Must RSVP to confirm house table.

Male Figure

Stud Realness - The reincarnated rapper. (ie. Tupac, Biggie, Easy E, etc.)

Trans Man Realness – Bring it like a serial killer with your prop to demolish and destroy!

Face - Count Dracula with a hauntingly mug and stunning structure like the count.

Body- black with touch of red

Thug: The Boogie Man – Bring it in all black with monster mask.

Schoolboy – bring it like you are ready for the school Halloween party but remember it is schoolboy!

Executive - the funeral director ready to bury your loved ones.

Pretty boy -Bring it in orange and a pumpkin decorated for the festivities.

RWT: Teen Wolf – Part One you must get your 10’s in the regular realness category and bring it back for Part Two as Teen Wolf.

Female Figure
FF Face: Witches Beauty – The tales of the evil queen has come to haunt the runway in a witches effect and CARTA to slay the competition. 3 trophies

FQ Realness – The futuristic Morticia Adams $150

Drags Realness – The futuristic Wednesday Adams effect. $100

FQ Body- In devilishly red lingerie.

Open 2 All

OTA Sex Siren - Bring it in leather with a sinister weapon to give your sex that extra edge. 2 trophies/1 cash $150

OTA Runway - (The Dicephalus) $250
The malformation of a wickedly creature is what we want to see.. Do your research and bring this dicephalus to life. 3 trophies/1 cash

OTA Bizarre- BRING a look inspired from legendary horror the birds. Think Jeepers Creepers, the Scarecrow, etc.
J-Sett – Thriller theme in a team of 3.

OTA Performance: The Superheroes Alliance – Come ready to save the world in a superhero effect. 2 trophies/one cash $250

Sneaker vs. Sneaker – Self Explanatory!

OTA Best Dressed: Halloween Haute – Fashionably done but think HALLOWEEN!!! 2 trophies/one cash $250

Team as a house: Children of the Corn ($500) – A team of 5 (Face, Realness, Performance, Runway and Sex Siren) display in a 5 minute or less intro of your house team. The best 3 out of 5 battles makes it to GRAND PRIZE.
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