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DAM’s gallery runneth over with 250 cups from 60 artists. This fun summer exhibition pays tribute to these amazingly versatile vessels used for worship, ceremony, celebration, and everyday consumption. The show also features related works from Clare Fox, PD Rearick, Kasper Ray O’Brien, Andrea Del Rio, Michelle Tanguay, Sean Hages, Elise Martin, Scott Northrup, Lisa Poszywak and Jessica Frelinghuysen. Curated by Alice V. Schneider

Shanta Ambady
John Beckman
Jack Butler
Margo Butler
Deanna Clyne
Henry Crissman
Andrea Del Rio
Annie Dennis
Leah DiPace
Emily Duke
Clare Fox
Jessica Frelinghuysen
Lauren Gooddell
Brett Gray
Nancy Guido
Kelly Haehl
Sean Hages
Hamtramck Ceramck
John Hannon
Marie Herman
Verney Jon
Kelly Kaatz
Kate Kestler
Trevor King
Kevin Kwiatkowski
Ryan Lack
Chrys Lewis
Emily LoPresto
Elise Martin
Chris Mayse
Lauren McCoy
Morrin Mcgunagle
Scott Northrup
Kasper Ray O’Brien
Sarah Petit
Tom Phardel
Lisa Poszywak
PD Rearick
Jan Robb
Kayli Rudd
Sydney Ruiz
Kristina Sheufelt
Manal Shoukair
Gabrielle Soltis
Susanne Stephenson
Dennis Swartzlander
Michelle Tanguay
Brad Taormina
Zac Taylor
Nate Tonning
Emily Wood
Elizabeth Youngblood
Blake Zucker

“Here I wait in this darkened room.
I am waiting for you to want me, to use me.
You have passed me up a thousand times,
But still I wait for you to choose me.
Perhaps If I were new and unused,
If I were in perfect condition you would want me again.
Could you ever love me as you once did?
Here I wait in this darkened room.”
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By: Detroit Artists Market

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