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Do! Makerparty!: Sonocyb <  > Robot Interaction Edition
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Do! Makerparty!: Sonocyb < > Robot Interaction Edition says
This is a special edition of DO! a nomadic roboticist named troy rogers decided to detour though detroit to come meet me (onyx ashanti) and hang out and collab and brings in tow, a whole crazy array of self built robots he takes around to festivals, schools and workshops around the country.

we have decided to link the systems together to see what happens and as usual the whole process is open, you can see how all aspects of the collaboration take place. and since its a DO! party, bring your project, whether just sketching in a corner or something to be networked into the mix.

this will be a nice, eeasy, stop-n-start, evolving interaction, so dress warm, bring some food or drink to share (not required, but useful) and some curiosity.

DO! is a "maker party" which means that it is an event for us to bring things we are working on and work on them in a social setting with others that are working on their own things as well. also, to share information with each other and with those that might just be curious.

some of the themes will be 3d printer building, recycling plastic into 3d printer material, networking, musical experimentation, food experimentation. electronics, community design, and anything else you can think of. if you have an idea, bring it and share it.

the idea is that we know enough doers here in detroit to have a little gathering where we can chill, interact and things like workshops and other communal activites will emerge very naturally out of this soup of dopeness.

-powerstrips and tables are a very good thing to bring if youve got it like that.
-projectors are also very welcome.
-potluck but with a twist; if you have an experimental drink or food, please label it as such and or talk about what is experimental about it
-we will have a small sound system but the idea is to experiment so there may be multiple persons experimenting simultaneously so come ready for that vibe. a concert or show, this AINT.
-if your project is real talk, please come wearing your thick skin.
-this event is non-centralized meaning that, as you can tell, i am not a promoter. im a hermit that likes to make stuff so i dont want to be continuous moderator for the entirety of the event. i am available for questions, but i also want to "DO" stuff, so, we will all co-moderate for the benefit of each other.

i think after a few of these events, protocols and structre will emerge very natuarally.
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By: Onyx Ashanti