Earth Day Celebration 2015 With S Pirit S Pit!

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Earth Day Celebration 2015 With S Pirit S Pit!
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“The time has come / To say fair's fair / To pay the rent / To pay our share!
The time has come / A fact's a fact / It belongs to [nature] / Let's give it back!”
Come out on Friday, before you stumble down to the Michigan Avenue, and pay your respects to the Mother Earth…while we still have her to kick around! BYOB and BYO Vaporizer for our UNCENSORED live acts and open mic!

Kicking us off will be one hour of open mic! Reserve your spot ahead of time by posting to this page. We will add you! Open mic will begin at 6 PM and, if needed, continue after our featured acts:
A. (Cohost) Amy Saari, 7 PM.
B. Carmel Liburdi, 7:30,
C. Tim Clark, 8:00
D. The Insurgency: 8:30 PM
E. Remaining open-micers!

We haven’t had a Spirit Spit in two years, so let’s make this a loving homecoming for all of our favorites! Pass the word around that this is a day of positivity, a day of thanks, and a day of special prayer and incantations for the Earth, without whom we’d be Shit out of Luck! Stick that in your F***ing XL pipeline!

Free, Lighted parking! Seats 700! Two bathrooms! Booze allowed, vapors allowed, smoking outside (but who smokes on Earth Day!?!) SHARE, SHARE, SHARE THIS EVENT!

• We’re still the cheapest open mic in the city, three pieces for THREE dollars!
• Or…FIVE dollars general admission to support the acts and church!
• OR…FIVE dollars worth of drinks or meals READY TO EAT with the crowd!

We love you and welcome you back home! Be sure to come in the door on the corner of Trumbull and MLK – it will be the only one open! Access the garden through the parking gate! See all the wonderful work put in by Kate!

1. Arthur Art Will Williams
2. Wardell Montgomery
3. Rachel Weisserman
4. Jere Stormer
5. Alex White
6. Dave Leins
7. Barry Graham
8. Leo Todd Jarret
9. Agenda 21
10. Andrew Vinstra
11. Yvonne Vinstra
12. Nina Sofia
13. MAUREEN TAYLOR, Chair of Michigan Welfare Rights organization, and Fox News Detroit regular!
14. Sarah Dalton
15. Matt Beaudry

Special thanks to Pastor Matt Bode and the staff of Spirit of Hope Church, for, once again, making this awesomely Gothic church available for a living event. Let’s respect the space and clean up the place afterward! Peace. –w.

PS: This is an all inclusive LGBT, and Af-Am friendly event. You can have our pizza! Also,Earth’s blue eyes represent the ocean! This is not to disrespect brown eyes! This event is about love and hope for the future through the actions of the present!-w.
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