Feel Supremely Alive Every Sunday A.M. W/Dance Meditation Technique

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Feel Supremely Alive Every Sunday A.M. W/Dance Meditation Technique
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Feel Supremely Alive Every Sunday A.M. W/Dance Meditation Technique says
The Sunday's DanceMT class is $10 with free and easy access parking right in midtown by the DIA and the Science Center. This is a 90 minute class w/purified water and or tea.

Who knew all I needed was 90 minutes of DanceMT to feel happy again?
-Rachel Millyard

Lose 100lbs of emotional weight in 90 minutes at Dance Meditation Technique, the most beautiful and transformative whole being workout on earth.™

Some of the results of practice:
1. FREEDOM: More and more free to be yourself around others
2. COURAGE: Less and less controlled by the fear of 'the other'
3. UNDERSTANDING: Learn some basics about how our mind functions.
4. STRENGTH: An incredible physical workout & meditation combined
5. CREATIVITY: Getting the 'knack' of accessing the creative state at will.
6. INSIGHT: Greater insight into the principles of meditation, yoga and the healing arts
7. SENSUALITY: More and more allowance of your sensuality
8. CALMNESS: Greater control of panic, anxiety & depression, their causes and their solutions.
9. JOY: Moments or more and more profound Joyfulness
10. EXPLORATION: Discovering ways your body can move that you never thought possible.
11. DISCOVER: Discovering ways your voice can make sounds that you never thought possible
12. LOVEWISDOM: Develop your ability to 'at will' generate loving thoughts based on Wisdom.

NEW to DanceMT? Please arrive at 940am
10:00am Begin.

camera free zone

Donation based.

Ages 7 and Up.
Children must be accompanied by their parent or legal gaurdian and be capable of remaining focused for up to 90 minutes. I am open to exceptions but please email ahead of time.

1. yoga mat
2. blanket
3. water


Spent last evening in this huge beautiful barn with about 60 other souls for DanceMT creating starlight and amazing energy! The experience was like none other…so magical! Can’t wait to do it again
Tonya Wozny

Michael, I’m currently pursuing a path in yoga through Carrie Collins’ BTribe (Bhakti Yoga Brooklyn, MI) teacher training and attended your DMT this past Saturday night. I wanted to take the time to tell you about my experience and what a beautiful soul you are! I was very iffy about the whole DMT experience; one because I don’t dance and two because I was afraid to let myself be me; to just let go. I always loved to dance as a child but never thought I was good enough the older I got. The night of the DMT, I really felt my inner child break free. the smiles and laughter that I felt take over my body were amazing. You made a comfortable environment for people to move with the music and not care what the heck anyone thought of them. Each song you played made me dance a different style that I didn’t even know I was even capable of doing. Thank you for this great experience and allowing everyone to feel beautiful for the night! Jay!!!
Erica Michelle
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