Implant Site Bone Augmentation: Principles And Applications For Continuous Success

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Implant Site Bone Augmentation: Principles And Applications For Continuous Success
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Implant Site Bone Augmentation: Principles And Applications For Continuous Success says

Bassam M. Kinaia, DDS, MS
Anthony Neely, DDS, MDentSc, PhD

Course Overview

Are you tired of implants that are placed too far facial, palatal or deep because of inadequate bone width or height? Learn optimal implant site preparation from ridge preservation to advanced ridge augmentation to optimize implant placement and aesthetic success.

This is a two-day intensive course that includes lectures, videos of live surgical cases and a hands-on workshop specifically designed to discuss and apply bone-grafting principles and techniques. These techniques are designed to help you establish a healthy foundation for proper dental implant placement. The course will discuss ridge alterations post-extraction and provide a rationale for interceptive ridge preservation treatment to minimize alveolar bone loss. We will present the rational for and techniques used to correct horizontal, vertical and combination alveolar ridge defects in the partially edentulous patient. The biologic basis for materials including bone grafts, membranes, growth and differentiating factors will be reviewed. Application hard and soft tissue grafts will be demonstrated through clinical scenarios for ridge augmentation using particulate and block grafts. The practical approaches that we present can be applied in day-to-day practice. The hands-on workshop will be implemented to practice incisions, bone-grafting techniques, membrane manipulation and suturing using pig jaw mandibles

The combination of lectures, surgical videos and hands-on experience will aid the participants in evidence-based decision making for successful treatment outcomes. Clinical cases will be presented to reinforce the rationale, indications, and materials used as well as sequential treatment planning for predictable and successful results.

Course Objectives

At the completion of the course participants will be able to:

Understand the consequences of tooth loss and rationale for socket/ridge preservation
Recognize bone quality and quantity in ridge preservation procedures
Be familiar with soft and hard tissue healing times and sequences
Be familiar with different materials used in ridge preservation and augmentation
Decide when to perform extraction and ridge preservation versus immediate implant placement
Be familiar with surgical instruments used for incisions, flap reflecting and suturing methods
Understand principles of and indications for using augmentation procedures with simultaneous implant placement
Apply different surgical techniques to augment horizontal, vertical and combination ridge defects
Apply surgical principles through surgical videos and hands-on workshops
The Hands-on Surgical Workshop Learning Objectives:

Perform surgical incisions and clap reflection on pig mandibles
Perform atraumatic extraction and ridge preservation
Perform bone grafting surgery and membrane placement with immediate implant placement
Practice different suturing techniques for bone augmentation
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By: University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry