International Women's Day Celebration

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International Women's Day Celebration
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International Women's Day Celebration says
<3 MC Heather R. Kyles, Comedienne.
Mabel Syrup, Clown/Burlesque.
Ms. Detroit's All Woman Orchestra featuring:
Rachel Shockey, Violin.
Sam Drotar, Clarinet.
Susie Woodman, Piano.
Noel Marie Rivard, Drums.
Markita Moore, Trumpet.
Anne Yambor, Flute.
Zwena Gray (Z), Upright Bassist.
Leslie Wacker, Soprano Sax.
Stein Van Bael, Ukulele Groove.
Jessica Rabit Baile, Bartender.
Louisa Setzler, Tap Dance + Props & Decor.
Alexa Rae, Fire.
* <3There will be a Suggested Cover to pay the performers!
....more details coming soon!

<3 So very pleased & proud to include vendors:
<3 "Luv a Cunt- Titties and Clitties"
(*In support of Burners Without Borders) "Clitties and Titties" offers women the experience of being the subject of an intimate performance piece where they are the canvas, the medium and the art!
Every woman is a unique and lovely creature just as every breast and cunt is unique and incredible, therefore each print made from your body will be a one of a kind impression of the foundation of your femininity. Some women will produce very abstract results while others are very anatomical but all of them are beautiful! Who would not want to create a distinct and extraordinary piece of art that speaks of you from the most erotic places on your body?”

<3 Nina Juergens' MERKIN BAGS (*hysterical & practical!)

<3 MariJayne Renny's
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