Jerry Paper ✿ Dougie Poole ✿ Jenny Junior + Dj Nellstells At Ufo Factory!

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Jerry Paper ✿ Dougie Poole ✿ Jenny Junior + Dj Nellstells At Ufo Factory!
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Jerry Paper ✿ Dougie Poole ✿ Jenny Junior + Dj Nellstells At Ufo Factory! says
JERRY PAPER the sonic caricature of Los Angeles-based musician Lucas Nathan. Brought into the world after Nathan's previous, more abstract projects dissolved into the ether, JERRY PAPER represents a cartoonish vision of Self materialized through Jerry's bizarre vision of pop music. The latest full-length from Jerry Paper, Toon Time Raw!, is a continuation of Nathan’s amoebic mission. Whereas his previous albums featured him alone — with his synthesizer, drum machine, and the occasional guitar — this new record features backing instrumentation from EASY FEELINGS UNLIMITED, a jazz band who has asked to remain anonymous. Though the synth sax has been traded for real brass, it’s still the same Jerry songwriting.

The Brooklyn based artist describes his music as "non-country from urban anti-cowboy." With his music, most notable his recently release track "Don't You Think I'm Funny Anymore?" POOLE pays tribute to the iconic genre with metallic drums, choir-like harmonizing, a lilting guitar solo, and flowery synth crescendoes. Of his music, POOLE says: "I’m trying to write songs that can express loneliness in that way that only country songs can, but for people who, like me, also feel totally alienated by the world of country music."

Ecstatic to announce that local legendary badass Jen David will be blessing us with her magical & musical presence! Maybe you've witnessed her perform with Jackie Rainsticks, Illymack, Mountains & Rainbows, and/or maybe she's the reason you keep having the best-karaoke-night-ever at UFO's Jennyoke. If so, you already know that a Jenny Junior solo set consisting of reverbed out vocals, guitar, keys, and loops galore CANNOT be missed. Cowabunga!!!!!!!

DJ NELLSTELLS before/during/after!
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