Masochist Performance By Etienne. Music: Cotter, Lamb, &Fournier

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Masochist Performance By Etienne. Music: Cotter, Lamb, &Fournier
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Masochist Performance By Etienne. Music: Cotter, Lamb, &Fournier says
A new performance piece by Danielle Amí Étienne.

†Lay yourself bare and experience weightless sleep. An overwhelming feeling of tranquility and stillness, like the lake at dusk in August. Amber light, nothing...

†Behold the Lamb of God, behold him who
taketh away the sin of the world.

†Danielle Amí Étienne will create a performance piece in which she will serve as the whipping post, the heifer to the slaughter.

†A Confessional Booth will be available for guests to speak to
Miss Étienne anonymously. She will be blindfolded and unable to decipher the identitity of anyone who participates.

†We invite you to confess.

†Reveal your shameful acts to a woman who has performed such depravity and grotesquery that you will find your soul has been absolved from your shame.

†Project your disgrace onto her.

†Miss Étienne will share with each participant her stories of abhorrent behaivor and offer exoneration and mercy for the degradation and misfortune we have all experienced by simply being alive.

†Dirty little secrets, dirty little lies...tell her and leave this night as a Happy Wanderer; not a care in the world.

Danielle Amí Étienne

Musical Performances by beautiful souls:
Mary Cotter

Ian Lee Lamb

Jeff Fournier

Suggested Donation: $5-$10
Drink some booze with us and get that guilt out your heart!
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By: Spread Art