Monomyth: The Epic Fundraiser Festivity

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Monomyth: The Epic Fundraiser Festivity
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Monomyth: The Epic Fundraiser Festivity says
Have an epic evening out and help raise funds for MONOMYTH!

Featuring heroic performances by local musicians and magnificent appetizers provided by Zenith to support a monumental cause.

All for $20.

THE BANDS: Juggable Offense and St. Zita.

Juggable Offense is Bubba Ayoub creating ambient psychedelic soundscapes with synthesizers and a Moog Guitar interconnected in a glorious electronic din and layered sampling of mysteries. St. Zita’s musical meditation harkens to the experimental avant-gardist classical compositions of John Cale and Steve Reich.

ZENITH has cuisine that is a fusion of Southern and Mexican, including everything from grilled cornbread to fried catfish to four-pepper gravy to honey-chipotle sweet potatoes. It’s South of the border meets the Mason-Dixon line. The interior features a fantastic collection of art from the 1940s and 1950s, colorful jungle animals, mannequins and decorative lamps to make a dizzying and delightful ambiance.

MONOMYTH is a labyrinth to be at Lincoln Street Art Park and Sculpture Garden in Detroit, Michigan from May 3-June 13. The labyrinth will have interactive art stations inside, inspired by the mythical hero’s journey that is open for participants to walk through. This archetypal pattern in myths has been called Monomyth by mythologist Joseph Campbell. Participants heed a call to adventure, receive otherworldly counsel, pass through a gateway to other worlds, get trapped in entangling hardship, encounter love, temptation and even death. Ultimately, they will discover a prize the quest led them to and then return to the known world.

These installations will be created by local artists, including Joe Lapham, DVS, Stephanie May, Sicilily Amaris Raven, Monique Pettway, Linden (Lindsey Harnish), Alana Carlson, John Finazzo, Mike Ross and more.

LINCOLN STREET ART PARK AND SCULPTURE GARDEN, which was founded in 2011 through a successful kickstarter campaign, has created symbiotic relationship to Recycle Here! and made a place for the public to enjoy some of the fruits of these salvaged materials.The garden is tucked away from the main street of Trumbull, on the back side of former Lincoln plant that serves at the main location for the Recycle Here! network of facilities. Heralded by elaborate murals, street art, and salvaged sign remains (apt to change their message when the mood strikes), the “Ghetto Louvre” has an array of shifting content, and features work from many prominent Detroit artists. Whether you’re on a mission to save the world, out looking for a free artwalk, or need a place to host a bonfire, the Lincoln Street Art Park & Sculpture Garden is always open, and worth a visit.
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By: Monomyth - An Interactive Art Experience in Detroit