Nonsense Weekend: The Hero's Jamboree

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Nonsense Weekend: The Hero's Jamboree
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Nonsense Weekend: The Hero's Jamboree says
This is the 1st ever NONSENSE WEEKEND... That's correct turtles, both Friday AND Saturday are Night of Nonsense & the potential for fun, growth, exploration, building, community-ing & localized social change is LIMITLESS.

A meditation in the hero's journey.. thus, "The Hero's Jamboree"

The 1st night will be nothing like the second.

Friday night: a gathering where heros will join together and speak of their triumphant projects within our community. A microphone will be left open for any to speak their worldly truths and musical talents. Art will be created together and all will be marry.

Saturday will be an all out JAMBOREE of wizards, jedis, hobbits & (super)HEROS of ALL kinds, hero's yoga by Majik (8:00, bring your own mat), ritual, tea room and musical performance by Dixon's Violin and Genghis Keoon.

This is the weekend to accept YOUR Mission (that we totally get to make up as we go along) and step up to the altar of absurdity to be knighted as THEE jedi-wizard-hobbit-HEROS that we know we always were.

Mark your calendars & prepare a superhero outfit.. but not a "costume".. this is not play-pretend time.. come as the hero you ARE yo.
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By: Zak & What Army?

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