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Waaatermelon!!! says
23 Detroit Artist gather at Hatch Art Gallery for some good old fashion fun... oh yeah and ART!!

To follow last year’s BANANA! curated by Alice V Schneider... The ridiculousness of these 23 artists will be expressed artistically by the means of moist plump pink tasty melm!

If you like fun and art, THIS IS THE SHOW FOR YOU!!!!

"The succulence is intoxicating as you bury your mouth further and further into the moist crevice. You must mow, and lick and suck until the last bit of sugary excretions have sloughed down your eager throat. The pink juices cover your chin and drip upon your shirt until you stumble with a wide, shit-eating grin as though you’ve just accomplished your first keg stand at university. The crowd is eagerly invested in its own slice of utopia, ravaging through the verdant shell until there is nothing left to feel, nothing left to take.

Feel the firmness of the ebony ovals as you pucker your lips and extract them with the sacred force of a three-legged camel giving birth deep in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains of the Sahara. AHHHRHHRHRHRHRHRRHH! You may cry with desperation, tortured by the lust you have dared to embrace with your bare tongue. Who are you? Where have you come from? Why has your life been reduced to groveling on your sticky knees for a mere indulgence? Who is your GOD?

The answer, is MELM. The heaving bosom of the flora world. The courtesan of all gourds. She will leave you desolate and moaning in the fetal position wanting more and more until your teeth rot out of your decrepit mouth and you are henceforth KAPUT. As we beg for relief from her sumptuous spell, we must above all pay her tribute. We join here in Hamtramck, the hallowed hamlet of gourd homage, in order to please her mighty Melm. The Madonna and the Whore. The Goddess and the Beast. The essence of humanity. Please, give blood. Give booze. Give joyful lovemaking noises to appease her majesty. Knee down into her smooth ovular bounty and above all, give boundless adulation." -M.Frye

Thelonius Bone
Clinton Snider
Andy Krieger
Jane Orr
Dalia Reyes
Davin Brainard
PD Rearick
Sarah Jane Rayburn
Jackie Rines
Andrew Thompson
Jessica Rose Frelinghuysen
Scott Northrup
Mary Fortuna
Scott Hocking
Alice V. Schneider
Megan Frye
Mariah Dallas
Allysen Esser
Claire D'Aoust
Katherine Montalto
Dawn Marie Cooke
Dave Malarsh
Cedric Tai
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By: Hatch Art

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/709140142553323
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