Wally Woo Is Turning One? Wow!

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Wally Woo Is Turning One? Wow!
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Wally Woo Is Turning One? Wow! says
Walden Miles Prometheus Clover is going to be ONE YEAR OLD and we're having a party.

I'm making super cute paper invites, but of course I'm behind on that, so here's a lazy facebook event.


Saturday May 28th, 2016

Belle Isle Park, Woodside Shelter
(if you do not have a state park access pass and you are traveling by car, you may need to pay to enter the park. there's not much we can do about that and we're sorry for the inconvenience! state take overs, man)
Here's the map of the island:
You can find the Woodside Shelter on Woodside Drive, just north of Lake Okonoka. The simplest way to get there is to just take a right when you get onto the island and follow the lakeshore all the way around the island until you arrive at Woodside drive, and take a left. The shelter is on the right hand side. There are parking and bathrooms relatively nearby. Since it's such a huge park, feel free to call Chelsea at 586.859.8383 if you have any issues!


We'll have veggie dogs, sides, and of course CAKE. Feel free to bring a dish to share or something to throw on the grill.
(to me extra clear, it's totally fine if meat eaters want to bring meat, we just won't be providing any. we will, however, have several tasty non-meat options.)

Gifts are not at all necessary! If you feel the need to bring a gift, please consider a book or gently used item, as we attempt to curb materialism, clutter, and waste.

All ages welcome! Feel free to notify friends/family who aren't on facebook.
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