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The 7 best Easter movies to watch as a family

Join your little cottontails for a marathon of the best Easter movies. Jelly beans not required but highly encouraged.

Written by
Danielle Valente

Grab a fistful of jelly beans and Cadbury Eggs: These awesome Easter movies are fun for the whole family. 

You can join Peter Rabbit as he embarks on mischievous antics, hang out with the Peanuts gang as Linus awaits the Easter Beagle's arrival and so much more. No matter what film you choose, we guarantee it will leave you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. 

Although we're celebrating Easter at home this year, there are plenty of ways for kiddos to stay occupied, including virtual egg hunts, crafts and an Easter-themed storytime. Make sure to also try your hand at this virtual bunny hunt from NYC's Alice in Wonderland-themed pop-up, Immersed in Wonderland. (It's for a good cause!)

Easter Movies

In this modern-day retelling of Beatrix Potter's classic story, we find a mischievous cottontail named Peter and his rabbit relatives who fancy a few vegetables from Mr. McGregor's yard. They struggle to get their paws on the goods when Mr. McGregor is home, and even more so when his nephew inherits his uncle's property. Now, with a new McGregor to face, it's a battle for both produce and the love of their artistic neighbor, Bea. Rated PG, $23. 

E.B. is a rockin' rabbit who dreams of becoming a drummer. However, his plans are hijacked by his father who intends to pass down the family business—managing a candy factory on Easter Island. That's when E.B. decides it's time to find his own adventure. He hops off into L.A. and settles in with a man named Fred, but Easter Island is crumbling without him. Rated PG, $10.


Although this might be a stretch—since Zootopia isn't technically an Easter movie—we can resist the adorable bunny known as Judy Hopps. She is the first cottontail to join Zootopia's law enforcement and is keen on making a good impression with her team. She's anxious to tackle a mystery but her crime-fighting partner, fox Nick Wilde, likes to make things complicated for our leading lady. Rated PG, $20. 

What holiday is complete without the iconic Peanuts gang? As we usher in spring, Charlie Brown and co are busy preparing for the season and Easter by dying eggs, building bird houses and so on. Not Linus, though—he's convinced the Easter Beagle will take care of everything. Not rated, $24. 


Perfect for the kiddos and Fido, this cute canine film is a great addition to the Easter canon. When the Bannister family goes on vacation and leaves their pup Zeus behind, he and his puppy pals have a blast at doggy daycare...until three crooks step in and try to ruin everything. It's up to Zeus and his mutt crew to step in. Rated PG, $10. 


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