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The best Disney movies on Netflix to watch now

Catch the list of Disney movies on Netflix and start a magical marathon with your crew! First up for us? Chicken Little

Written by
Danielle Valente

Psst: Did you know there are still Disney movies on Netflix? Despite the launch of Disney+, viewers can still stream some of Mickey's best flicks, TV shows and documentaries elsewhere. 

If you find yourself needing an extra dose of Disney magic, try your hand at a fun Disney quiz or two, sketch your favorite characters thanks to these free drawing classes and, to keep little tummies full, try a Disney recipe at home (we suggest the churros). 

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Disney movies on Netflix

When college hockey coach Herb Brooks is given an assignment in the big leagues—to coach the men's team in the Olympics—the odds are against him, especially considering the U.S.A. is to face the Soviet team. A must for all athletes, this patriotic film will give you a glimpse at Americans uniting. Rated PG. 


Tiana has big dreams down in the bayou: The New Orleans chick wants to be a restauranteur, but her ambitions are derailed when Prince Naveen shows up. (Or should we say hops up?) The prince is turned into a frog, and he is under the impression that a kiss from Tiana (who his mistakes for a princess) will break the curse. Well, unfortunately after one smooch, they're both frogs. Will someone be able to get these two out of this mess? Rated PG. 

Chicken Little has it rough. He's like the boy who cried wolf, except he claims that the sky is falling. Naturally, his neighbors aren't terribly thrilled with this accusation and therefore decide to part ways with the bird. He tries to win their approval by joining a town baseball game, but then discovers that the falling sky is actually a UFO. Will he be able to convince an already suspicious town that aliens are coming? Rated PG. 

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The rat can cook! This sweetly ridiculous movie about a naive, ambitious rodent named Remy (charmingly voiced by Patton Oswalt), who longs to become a great chef is witty, clever, gently moral and dramatically convincing. Who doesn't love Linguini (voiced by Lou Romano), a hopeless human moppet controlled by the supremely talented Remy? Will they win over the Snow White-style villain, a power-crazed food critic named Anton Ego (Peter O'Toole)? We won't spoil the fun for the three of you out there who don't yet know the ending! Rated G.


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