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Girona museums with free entry once a month

Some museums in Girona and the Empordà area open for free one day a month

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Museu del Cine

The Cinema Museum and the Jewish History Museum are just two of the museums in the city of Girona that have free entrance one day a month. It's a great – and money-saving – way to enjoy some of the area's varied culture!

Museu d'Història dels Jueus

Girona once housed one of the most important Jewish communities in the Western world, and still today it contains one of Europe's most important Jewish neighbourhoods ('call' in Catalan). The Jewish History Museum, located in the Bonastruc ça Porta centre, seeks to explain the history of Catalonia's Jewish communities. The Museum has 11 different rooms that take visitors on a tour of the daily lives, culture and history of Jewish communities around the region and in Girona itself during the medieval period. The building, coincidentally, is situated in the space in the Call that was occupied by the synagogue and its outbuildings in the 15th century.

Free entry on the first Sunday of each month.

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Museu del Cinema

This place is paradise for cinephiles. The Cinema Museum in Girona invites you to discover the gadgets that stunned our grandparents and take a tour through the history of cinema: from shadow theatre to the magic lantern, from photography to the cinematography of the Lumière brothers, from Mèliés to TV via Griffith and the peerless Charlie Chaplin. Opened in 1998 in the former Casa de les Aigües, the Museu del Cinema organises a wide range of courses, activities and exhibitions: film screenings, specialised courses, workshops for children... And, you can always lose yourself in the Tomàs Mallol collection, containing some 20,000 cinema-related items gathered by the late Catalan director.

Free entry the first Sunday of every month.

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Museu d'Història de Girona

The Girona History Museum is an unmissable place for two reasons: the content and the surrounds. The building, a former convent of Sant Antoni from the 18th century, has had a unique evolution: first it was a Gothic house, later it was converted into a monastery for Capuchin brothers, and at the end of the 19th century it became the Provincial Education Institute - since 1981 it has housed the Museu d'Història. Inside, you can take a trip through the city's history, from its foundation in the Roman period to the time of the Franco dictatorship. In addition, the museum hosts a varied programme of activities and temporary exhibitions.

Free entry the first Sunday of every month.

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Museu dels Volcans

The Volcano Museum — located in the Torre Castanys building in the heart of the Parc Nou — is the science section of the Garrotxa Museum; La Garrotxa is a county in Catalonia and home to numerous extinct volcanoes. The museum has a bit of everything: interior spaces with a permanent exhibition as well as temporary shows, and exterior spaces that include a botanical garden featuring natural vegetation native to the area and a garden of medicinal plants.

Free entry the first Sunday of every month.

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Museu d'Arqueologia

The Girona Archaeology Museum (Museu d'Arqueologia de Girona or MAC), located in the Monestir de Sant Pere Galligants, houses archaeological material found during various digs around Girona, material whose dates range from prehistory to the Middle Ages: remains from Empúries, headstones and sculptures from the Roman settlement of Gerunda and medieval inscriptions, to name but a few. The building itself is also well worth a visit: the Sant Pere Galligants Monastery is one of the most notable examples of Catalan Romanesque architecture from the 12th century. Until 1975, when Girona's Museu d'Art was created, the MAC also hosted art collections in its role as the Belles Arts Museum.

Free the last Tuesday of the month between October and June.

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