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La Kxalada
La Kxalada La Kxalada

The cannelloni made to the recipe of grandma Aurora are a star dish, along with the spicy 'bomba' and foie micuit, at this bar where you'll find unusual tapas

It's called La Kxalada (pronounced kesh-a-la-dah, which in Catalan is written 'queixalada', meaning 'a mouthful') but if you go in, you'll definitely be eating more than a mouthful. Located in Plaça Independència, you'll find tapas there that you won't find anywhere else. The cannelloni ('canelons' in Catalan) of grandma Aurora are one of the star dishes, but the spicy 'bombes' (large breaded and fried potato balls with a pork or beef filling) and foie 'micuit' are also definitely worth ordering. In any case, get a beer to go with the tapas, and you'll enjoy a more than satisfying dinner.

By: Núria Juanico


Venue name: La Kxalada
Address: Plaça de l'independència, 2
Opening hours: Mon-Thu, Sun noon-1am; Fri-Sat noon-2am
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