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All the variety of Mexican cooking but in the heart of Girona

Mexican restaurant Maguey brings spice to the varied gastronomic options available in Girona's Barri Vell. Classic dishes such as guacamole, beef tacos and 'cochinita pibil' (Yucatán pork stew) will bring you a little bit closer to the north American country without having to leave Europe. More sophisticated dishes include 'mole poblano' (a multi-ingredient sauce usually served with some kind of meat), red enchiladas, and 'carnitas' from Michoacána, which is pork braised in oil or lard. Calorie overload, basically! When it comes to spirits, their list is varied, and includes Mexican beers, tequilas, mescals and flavoured waters. Ask for their specials of the day, and with a bit of luck they'll have 'chilaquiles', a dish with a base of 'totopos' (better known as nachos in Tex-Mex speak) that you must try. It's just like Mexico but in the heart of Girona!

By: Dúnia Riera


Venue name: Maguey
Address: De la Cort Reial, 1
Opening hours: Mon-Tue 8.30pm-11pm; Wed-Sat 1pm-3pm, 8.30pm-11pm
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