Girona's most beautiful sunsets

Get your camera ready! We're taking you to the places in the city and the Costa Brava with the most amazing sunsets

© armphoto_es - shutterstock.comBanyoles

The evening is, for many people, one of the most beautiful times of the day. Sunsets are the protagonists of numerous romantic Hollywood films, Impressionist paintings and the typical postcards we all buy when on holiday. And that's why we've decided to make an inventory of some of the most spectacular ones you can see in the Girona area. We just had two criteria for inclusion: first that they be completely sensational, and second that they weren't necessarily the stereotypical beach setting. Enjoy!

Restaurant del Cap de Creus

This one is just amazing. Maybe we shouldn't have started here because seeing the sun set from the Cap de Creus is, according to some, a religious experience. And, it's truly incomparably better than the rest. But the thing is that when you've seen the sunset from this spot, from the edge of the world, you can't think of anything else. We guarantee you'll be left speechless.

Mirador de l'hostatgeria

So the story goes, from this 'mirador' you can see the best sunrises on the Costa Brava. Despite the name ('mirador' means viewing-point), it's not exactly a place designed for stopping to admire the views but is rather the terrace of the former Sant Sebastià hostel ('hostatgeria' in Catalan), which was recently converted into a hotel and restaurant completely open to the sea. It sits on top of the cliffs on the coastlines between Llafranc and Tamariu. And is totally overwhelming. So much so that you lose all sense of time there, unable to take your eyes off the immense sea stretching out in front of you. You and the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean and you.


Castell de Tossa de Mar

You've got two options here. The first is to head up to the castle; the second is to stay on the beach. Whichever you choose, the sunset will stun you, but we have to say that our favourite is the beach, for two reasons: because on a beach any sunrise or sunset is always amazing, and because when the sun starts to set, the castle is lit up. And that is a heart-stopping moment.

La Selva

Templet de Linné

At the Marimurtra Botanical Garden in Blanes you'll find a small viewing-point in the shape of a classical-style temple dedicated to Carl von Linné, the botanist who systemised the naming of species. Once there, you can do two things: have dinner and watch the sun as it sets. And, if you're lucky, there's also the possibility of a concert. Good music, good company and an absolutely fabulous landscape.

La Selva

Cala Banys

It's no exaggeration to say that from Cala Banys the sunsets are remarkable. In fact, it's the place for a really excellent plan: a cold drink, an unforgettable landscape and, of course, good company. Not forgetting your camera! But be warned, going to Cala Banys for the sunset can have secondary effects: it's totally addictive. Once you start, you can't stop. 

La Selva

La Catedral

You have to climb up all the steps, while trying not to bump into fans of 'Game of Thrones', and get to the highest point possible. The effort is worth it, though, because from Girona cathedral you can see a spectacular sunset. And if you don't believe us, just look at the photo above.


Banys Vells

Got your mobile fully charged? Make sure it's at 100 percent before you head to Banys Vells (which means Old Baths) because an irresistible need for posting photos to Instagram is about to overcome you. While enjoying a drink on this terrace located right in front of the lake, the immensity of the landscape will grab you so much you'll want to move to Banyoles immediately! And in such a setting, the sunsets you can enjoy there are simply jaw-dropping.

La Muralla

The city walls of Girona have borne witness to bloody battles, legends and ferocious sieges. Nowadays they're renowned for offering exceptional panoramic views of the city and of exquisite sunsets. You can either go to the tower or to the Torre Gironella, which we strongly recommend. Paying is definitely worth it in this case, as our photo proves. 


Mar i Vent Restaurant & Beach Club

This is the place to go for a complete gastronomic experience in relaxed, captivating and totally Mediterranean surroundings. We recommend watching the sun set from the chill-out zone and accompany it with a cocktail created by the maestro Javier de las Muelas. A total experience.

Baix Empordà

Room 118 | El Secret

The fifth floor of the Hotel Ultònia hides a secret: a quality cocktail bar that offers one of the best views in the city. We don't want to encourage you to drink to much, but the idea there is definitely to watch the sun go down with a (great) drink in hand. But don't drag your heels. El Secret opens at 9pm, which is more or less when the sun sets during the summer.