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The ultimate guide to Hoboken


The best of Hoboken

The best Hoboken hotels

You should stay at the best Hoboken hotels to experience the very best things to do in town, from water-side activities to delicious restaurants, arts and culture galore and nature walks. And all that fun comes with a side of extraordinary views of the New York skyline, and who doesn't enjoy some of that? Whether searching for a fancy shmancy accomodation, craving high-end amenities or simply looking for a nice place to rest your head, we've got you covered.

The 10 best things to do in Hoboken, NJ

Benefiting from the city's position by the Hudson River, the best things to do in Hoboken, NJ run the gamut from water-based activities to nature walks, delectable meals at top-notch restaurants, riverside attractions and, believe it or not, time spent at beautiful local hotels. Explore New Jersey's waterfront gem properly when following our guide to the best things to do in town.  RECOMMENDED: See the essential guide to Hoboken, NJ

The eight best Hoboken restaurants

Once in town, you'll instantly notice that one of the most exciting things to do in New Jersey is to eat all the food at all the best Hoboken restaurants. From fancy hotel eateries to relaxing diners and destinations that double as local institutions of the culinary kind, these restaurants are sure to cater to palates of all kinds. Ready to eat your way through the city? RECOMMENDED: See the essential guide to Hoboken, NJ