Five must-visit Israeli art galleries in Jaffa

These up-and-coming Jaffa art galleries are making their mark in the art community, giving Tel Aviv a run for its money

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Being the Israeli culture hub that it is, Tel Aviv’s gallery scene has truly thrived in recent years. Well, Jaffa took on the challenge to prove that there’s nothing a young sister can do that her older sister can’t (already suggested by the impressive list of Jaffa restaurants). From galleries like Zadik aiming to enhance the viewer’s sensory experience, to newer extensions of of the Israeli art scene, like the new Gordon Gallery, drawing from an international artist-pool, the Old City is claiming its cultural merit. Spend your weekend gallery-hopping around Jaffa – and don’t forget to refuel on Jaffa street food offering some of the tastiest shawarma and shakshuka you’ll ever have.

The best Israeli art galleries in Jaffa


The New Gordon Gallery

1966: Gordon gallery opens its doors, quickly making a name for itself as Tel Aviv’s top Israeli art space. 2012: Gordon Galley 2, its modern younger sister, bursts onto the art scene with contemporary art for the next generation. 2016: the Gallery receives the perfect 50th anniversary present: a third space in South Tel Aviv. Amon Yariv, owner of the gallery, explains: "The new space was designed to allow the gallery—which represents the best of Israeli contemporary artists—to develop a diverse international plan and enable a dialogue with leading international artists.”   

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Zadik Gallery

Hidden in the alleyways of Jaffa, this unique gallery features lectures, live music, parties, and a perpetual rotation of exhibits. The uniqueness of the Zadik Gallery is its goal to provide accessible art at affordable prices.

Shuk HaPishpeshim

Inga Gallery

Inga Gallery is constantly pushing boundaries to insure they deliver the most innovative and relevant artists and artwork. Art enthusiasts, or those looking to fulfill their inner art snob need not look any further. From the moment you enter the concrete minimalist gallery, get ready to be impressed with the constantly changing exhibitions.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa


Har-El is a fine art gallery and print workshop, producing special editions and artists’ books featuring top contemporary Israeli artists and plenty of renowned international talent. The gallery also hosts lectures on printmaking, and has a range of workshops where visitors can gain hands-on experience in artistic disciplines.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Farkash Gallery

On top of the usual art exhibited in Israeli galleries, the Farkash Gallery goes above and beyond with out-of-the-box additions. They bring a unique twist to the Jewish art scene with collections of rare original Israeli posters covering a range of topics like Tourism, Advertisements, Israeli movies and Military. Throughout the years, the gallery has exhibited its artwork in numerous international exhibitions and has also gained high recognition within Israel itself. They had the honor of hosting Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2004, in conjunction with a presentation of rare photographs taken of him during the Yom Kippur war. Their main focus is on vintage Israeli posters, 20th century Israeli and International fine art, 20th century modern and contemporary paintings and sculptures, Jewish and Israeli art including "Ecole de Paris," Judaica and Israeliana, Bezalel work, photographs and rare Jewish prints.

Old Jaffa
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