This season’s most inspiring new Israeli art exhibitions

Spring out of your lazy winter attitude and spend an afternoon reawakening your mind with some of Israel’s latest art openings
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By Shoshana Rice |

Israel is a never-ending arts and cultural hub, with tons of opportunities from incredible renowned museums, to Judaic art, to quirky art galleries. But check out what new and exciting ideas Israel’s lively art scene is stirring up right now. This spring, Israeli art museums and galleries are hosting an extraordinary variety of exhibits from vibrant impressionist-inspired portraiture, witty satirical illustration and introspective installation design, to abstract philosophical expressions on canvas, interactive sculpture, and much, much more. A diverse array of renowned Japanese, Dutch, British, and Islamic artists combined with a handful of Israel’s best are putting on invigorating showcases whether you’re in HaifaTel Aviv , or Jerusalem. Explore the newest additions to Israel’s up-and-coming art scene with this list of beautiful and provocative art exhibits opening now.

Top Israeli art exhibitions this spring

by Vincent Gurio
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Curator Svetlana Reingold explores artivism in Haifa's new exhibition, "Dangerous Art"

What do famed Tel Aviv street artist Dede, an Israeli photojournalist, and Ai Wei Wei have in common? They are all participants in "Dangerous Art," the newest exhibition cluster at the Haifa Museum of Art. We sat down with curator Svetlana Reingold to scratch beneath the surface and grapple with the lines that separate private from public, social from political, limited from limitless, to work out what makes this art "dangerous."

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“Je T’aime, Ronit Elkabetz”

The exhibit invites visitors into a lucid dream through an extraordinary and first-of-its-kind dialogue in Israel between the world of cinema, art, social work and the fashion world – through the lens of this Israeli heroine of local and international culture, a muse in her own right, and a fashion icon.

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The Museum for Islamic Art presents: Contemporary Arabesque

The most recognizable geometric motif in Islamic art, collectively known as the "arabesque," stands at the center of a brand new exhibition in Jerusalem this winter. Fittingly located inside the Museum of Islamic Art, which contains one of the largest and rarest collections in the world of Islam-related art, Contemporary Arabesque features both Israeli and Palestinian local artists as they present their contemporary interpretations of the iconic pattern.

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