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HaKerem Happenings: cool bars & eats around the Carmel Market

These bars and restaurants are literally off the beaten path, nestled in the area surrounding Tel Aviv’s famous Carmel Market

By Time Out Israel Writers

By day, the Carmel Market, one of the best markets in Israel, is a carnival scene: a clash of curious tourists taking their sweet time and impatient locals just trying to buy dinner. As fish guts and fruit peels are thrown into the main street and water washes away a long day’s work, the shuk becomes void of all shoppers and signs of human existence. Nightfall is when the magic happens. Nestled down the alleyways off the market are some of the best restaurants and hidden bars in Tel Aviv. We’re sharing our city’s well-kept secrets and recently discovered hipster hotspots (that are not in Florentine!) because they’re too cool to pass up, espacially The Space on a Tuesday, when the bar is transformed into an Israel jazz lover's dream. Bring some friends to Carmel Street, but just remember, the more on the down-low you keep these establishments, the less crowded they’ll stay.

Where to drink and eat around the Carmel Market

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1. HaMinzar

Bars Dive bars Tel Aviv City Center

With simple food options and affordable beers, tourists and locals continuously seek out HaMinzar for a lovely night out. With a young and stylish crowd, the vibe and energy is chill, so come prepared to take your time and bask in this calming setting. With mismatched tables and chairs, the unpretentious restaurant setting makes it clear that the owner’s focus is geared towards food and drink. Best of all, HaMinzar is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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2. Beer Bazaar

Restaurants Mediterranean Shuk  HaCarmel

Nosh on the Carmel Market’s best produce while trying out an assortment of over 100 Israeli craft beers at this hot spot. Hip and trendy, this place is always happening and is a great stop for an evening out with friends.

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3. HaBasta

Restaurants Mediterranean Nachalat Binyamin

Locals know Ha’Basta as the place to try creative, well-executed food straight from the neighboring, open-air shuk. This is the kind of place where anything you taste will hit the mark. Creative dishes and an incredible wine list make HaBasta the place to go for a hyper local dining experience.

Eduard Bar
Eduard Bar
© Eduard Bar Facebook page

4. Eduard Bar

Bars Tapas bars White City

If you didn’t know about this bar, you would probably walk right past it and never realize it exists, since there’s no sign or anything. And that’s exactly why we love this mysterious little place. The location is perfect for stopping by after checking out the Carmel Market, and it’s close to the beach — so close, you can chill on their balcony and enjoy a gorgeous sea view. They offer fresh fish and other delicious tapas, plus a large selection of drinks to wash it down, served by the friendliest bartenders around.


5. Salon Berlin

Bars Kerem Hateimanim

Step into this hipster paradise and try to see through the cloud of smoke as all the hip Tel Avivians drink their night away. Salon Berlin hosts mostly hipsters and Yemenite quarter residents in its snug space. Prices for alcohol are significantly cheaper than any other bars, earning them the proud title of as “cheap as in Berlin”. If you are looking for fine service, this may not be the place for you, but those looking for a unique Israeli/Berlin mashup have found their spot.

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6. Istanbul

Bars Shuk  HaCarmel

The perfect combination of a market bar with a Turkish restaurant, from the owners of Cafe Yom Tov. In the culinary section you can find fish patties and vine leaves, and on the alcohol menu there is draft beer and chasers of all kinds. With rotating local DJ's and a hip-Turkish chilled vibes, this is the perfect spot for a mid-week night out with a market atmosphere.


7. HaMalabia

Restaurants Tel Aviv City Center

This beloved spot right outside of Shuk HaCarmel makes a grand entrance in the new shuk with malabi, a custardy rose-flavored dessert served with your choice of toppings, from sauces and nuts to cookie bits. Their vegan version tastes just like the real thing—you’ll love the versatility of this dessert.

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8. Cafe Yom Tov

Restaurants Cafés Shuk  HaCarmel

Cafe Yom Tov is located in the bustling Carmel Market, a neighborhood favorite for organic coffee, fresh sandwiches and boutique pastries. This charming cafe is a great place to start your morning with a cappuccino, or to finish your night off with a beer. Come evening time, it transforms into a laid-back salon, offering a menu featuring fresh ingredients from the shuk, alcohol and live, eclectic music. Cafe Yom Tov is popular with locals, expats and travelers - boasting an international vibe, rife with eclectic people.  

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9. M25

Restaurants Israeli Shuk  HaCarmel

Venture down a dark alleyway to this Middle Eastern retreat, and make sure to arrive hungry.  One of the top meat restaurants in the city just happens to be this unassuming, tavern-style eatery in the shuk. Featuring one-of-a-kind Israeli dishes, with fresh meat taking the spotlight, carnivores can rejoice in the deliciously juicy flavors, and a menu that changes daily.Prep your appetite and get your steak knifes at the ready - these thick cuts of meat are cooked to utter perfection.

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