26 ways to spot a Canadian in Israel

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Jennifer Greenberg

Israel is full of Diaspora transplants hailing from all walks of northern life. The warm climate is appealing to colder countries, especially Great White Northerners, who suffer through winters that can last from October to May. While not as loud as their southern neighbours, it's not that difficult to spot a Canuck 'oot and aboot' in the Holy Land, even once they've learned the lingo. Wondering how to recognize a Justin Trudeau loving, maple syrup savvy, three-generation Montreal Canadien hockey fan? Here are the tell-tale signs.

1. They apologize profusely when they bump into you.

2. They line up in single file, even when there isn't a line to wait in.

3. Even if they've lived here for years, they still don't have basic winter wear.

4. They refuse to buy a proper coat because "it's not like the weather is as cold as back home."

5. They are well-accustomed to the concept of loose change in the form of coins.

6. They are the only ones swimming in the Mediterranean in the middle of February.

7. Nonetheless, they're the first to burn when the spring season rolls around.

8. Their winter wardrobe is infinitely better than their summer one.

9. Their infinity scarf collection is on point.

10. They ask for "real" maple syrup at Benedicts.

11. Their A.C. is on full blast, year-round.

12. They've never touched the dood in their lives.

13. They'll give up smoking because weed is just too darn expensive here.

14. They politely advise their Israeli friend that the "Canadian French Toast" at the local bar's happy hour is the farthest thing from it (but will never fully complain).

15. They constantly compare their iced coffee to Tim Horton's iced capp.

16. They use the words 'sorry' and 'slicha' interchangeably.


17. They make up 75% of the population that flocks to Mount Hermon during its one-week ski season. They are also the only ones who've actually brought their own gear.

18. They'll kindly ask the waitress to turn off the patio heat lamps.

19. They camp out in the dessert in shorts and a T-shirt.


20. Nothing ticks them off more than being mistaken for an American.


21. Even if they’ve lived here for years, they still claim that they’ll definitely move “home” one day.

22. They're most likely from Toronto, Montreal or possibly Vancouver.

23. No, they do not know your Canadian friend Jill.

24. Yes, they do know a Jill from Canada.


25. They'll spend their entire year's salary on front row tickets to Celine Dion.


26. They won't for Justin Bieber.


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