5 tips and tricks to stay cool on a hot Tel Aviv summer's day

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Sarah Mador

Tel Aviv is a city that truly comes alive once the summer hits, but the heat in the Middle East is no laughing matter. Staying cool under the hot sun can be trickier than you think. We’ve got you covered (and not just with umbrellas) with a complete play-by-play to make the most of your Tel Aviv summer's day while not melting away.


You wake up, peer out your window to see the sun shining and the clear blue skies, but the second you walk outside you are faced with that brutal summer sun...already. Before the sun starts really blazing, it’s important to prepare for your perfect Tel Aviv day. First stop: Shuk HaCarmel – where you’ll find all your goodies to stay cool for the day. Start with a juice or smoothie (they’re all good), but my personal favorite is located at the back left hand side (coming from Allenby street) where you can get any fruit combination your little heart dreams of. Thirst quenched, crisis averted. It’s time to stock up for the day aka rock on with your watermelon on. Not only will it probably be the juiciest and most impressively sized watermelon of your life, but it’ll be exactly what you need on a hot Tel Aviv summer's day.


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Next stop...find water

Tel Aviv is blessed to be located along the gorgeous Mediterranean so all the of the beach options are good....very good. You can choose to stay in Tel Aviv and walk straight from the Shuk to whichever beach floats your boat or live life on the edge and venture over to Herzliya to escape the city for a different, yet equally awesome vibe. If the beach isn’t really your thing, check out Gordon pool, a salty mineral pool located right along the beach, minus the sand. This is where you’ll spend most of the day having fun in the sun and don’t forget to snack on your juicy watermelon!


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Snack time

Once you’re all beached out, it’s time for a refreshing snack. Luckily, Tel Aviv is flooded with as many delicious summer options as birthright groups. Two of my favorites: Anita’s and Tamara. Asking me which one is better is truly something I cannot answer because they are both amazing in their own right. Anita’s is the best gelato in the city, hands down. Nothing else compares. Every flavor is just as unbelievable as the next and will make you feel things you thought you never could. The gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt are all unreal. If you’re looking for a slightly less decadent, but arguably more refreshing experience, then Tamara is for you. Enjoy their famous frozen yogurt or a refreshing acai bowl. Stocked with the freshest ingredients, you’ll never want to re-enter the late afternoon sun.


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Happy hour Already?

Now that you’ve made it through the hottest part of the day it’s time to reward yourself with some hard-earned alcoholic beverages and good food. For the best view of the city, under the mesmerizing multicolored Tel Aviv sunset, check out Suramare. It’s a rooftop bar that will transport you to Manhattan with cool Tel Aviv vibes. Enjoy some good drinks, food, and conversation as you unwind from your sun-kissed day.


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Time to get lit

You thought it all ended with dinner and drinks? Helllll no. It’s time to trade in those ocean waves for sound waves at one of the many upbeat clubs by the port. Try Shalvata for a great night of dancing with your friends. This outdoor club at the Tel Aviv Port is a festive way to make the most of your perfect Tel Aviv summer day.

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