7 tips to enjoy Tel Aviv like a local


Eat an Israeli breakfast
Start your Tel Aviv day at Manta Ray, a stone’s throw from the sea. Locals visit for the stellar house-made meze—mosaics of Israeli salads plus fresh seafood. 
7 Kolfman St (+972-3-517-4773, mantaray.co.il)



Manta Ray
© Avi Ganor 



Find the best hummus 

Ok, we found it for you. Abu Hassan wins our vote for the best hummus in town— super-creamy and as authentic as it gets. By 3pm, everything is gone—all gone. 
1 Ha-Dolfin St, Jaffa



Abu Hassan 
© PR







Sit in a fabulous café 
Lounging in cafés is part of the Tel Aviv scene, and Rothschild 12 masters the combination of cozy and hip. Ideal for observing the colorful characters of the city. 
12 Rothschild Blvd (+972-3-510- 6430)


Anatoli Michaelo 






Tel Aviv's hot spot Kuli Alma is so much more than a night club or a bar. A hub for music, food, art and culture, this all encompassing experience features DJs pumping out electric beats, house, hiphop and live musical acts. 
10 Mikveh Israel St (+972-3-656- 5155, kulialma.com)



Kuli Alma
© Ben Palhov








Play matkot 
This trendy paddleball game has been the country’s quintessential beach pastime since the 1920s. Give it a shot at one of the beautiful Tel Aviv Beaches.



Playing Matkot
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Drink Arak 
Sip this popular anise flavored drink at Haminzr bar, just off the Carmel market. Known for its chill vibe and energy, Haminzar is the perfect spot for this laid-back drink (60 Allenby St; 972-3-517-3015).




© PR







Haggle in a flea market 
Free-spirited and trendy, Jaffa’s Flea Market is the spot to score vintage kitchenware, Middle Eastern souvenirs, kilim rugs and more. Want a bargan? Gracefully walk away and within seconds, you’ll probably be offered a price of some 10 to 15 shekels less. Try it, and thank us later.



Flea Market 
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