A preview of the much-anticipated Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art

Written by
Kayla Levy

For many, Jerusalem is both a watershed between “rivers” of separate communities, and a place of watershed–or deeply meaningful–moments.

The third annual Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art explores this multifaceted theme of “Watershed” as it pertains to the Holy City, through art.

“The theme finds its expression in issues as varied as Jewish identity, immigration, and refugees, alongside watershed moments in history,” said Jerusalem Biennale Founder, Rami Ozeri.

© Lili Almog

For nearly two months, beginning October 1st, over 200 artists from Israel and abroad will showcase their work in a series of curated exhibitions and projects in 5 venues across the city center.

One exhibitions feature the watershed moment of moving for Jews from the former Soviet Union and throughout World War II, some engage with Israel’s role as a watershed between different social and religious circles, and others are religious interpretations of the theme rooted in different texts.

The Jerusalem Biennale promises a personal and collective integration of contemporary art with Jewish content and a transcendent theme.

© Sasha Tamarin

The Jerusalem Biennale opens October 1. The main venue will be the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel (not yet open to the public) and other nearby locations including the Tower of David Museum and Austrian Hospice.

Find more information on the Biennale website. 

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