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Five on it: Israeli talents to plug into now

Full trunk
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With Israeli bands like A-WA, Lola Marsh and Jane Bordeaux gaining international acclaim, the world is increasingly aware of the skills flowing out of the land of milk and honey. Here are the best local talents that should be on your radar next.
1. Garden City Movement, a Tel Aviv-based electronic music project, is rapidly gaining recognition nation-wide, and judging by their recent International Music MTV Award, the world has begun to sit up and listen, too. Clash magazine praised their “frenetic fusion of dance floor-ready beats and intertwining vocals," and Disclosure have welcomed them onto their stage. ‘Move On' is the perfect soundtrack for a romantic encounter, or to wind down to after a frantic day. 
Garden City Movement

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Catch them January 5 at Merkaz Einav, Tel Aviv and keep an ear out for their debut album, coming soon. Updates here:
2. Full Trunk is the modern manifestation of 1970’s blues rock. They have, rightly, been embraced by Israel’s music scene, tearing up the stages of some of the biggest venues and festivals. The trio commands the stage, drawing the audience in through their heart-felt rock rhythm and their tremendous stage presence. They clearly have a ball playing alongside one another, and invite spectators to do the same. After two successful albums, “Full Trunk” and “Time For Us To Move," the band is working on their third. 
Full trunk

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Catch them January 13 at the Barby, and on February 4 at Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Port. Updates here:
3. Trubdr.Adam Road is set to be 2017’s golden boy. Having charmed audiences and industry-folk alike at the recent ‘Tune In Tel Aviv’ festival, he is the one to watch. After witnessing his skills on the guitar, it is easy to see why: classical with a flamenco flair and a touch of grunge rock, it makes for great listening. Stay tuned for upcoming music video, POLLE, due to be released, amongst others, in the upcoming months. 

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Catch Adam on January 15 at 20:30, Bar Giyora, Tel Aviv; January 17 at Beer Bazaar Jerusalem; February 1 at Hoodna Bar, Tel Aviv. Updates here: Instagram @trubdr_road,
4. Tamir Grinberg offers a fresh take on soul — merging funk, blues and jazz melodies to create hip-swaying music that gives you the feels. This talent is more than a performer, or skilled musician, he is also an impressive composer, who can appeal to numerous generations despite being twenty years old. ‘I Was Made to Love Her’ can’t fail to move you, truly “timeless.” 
Tamir Grinberg

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Tamir is set to release his debut EP in early 2017, following a US tour. Updates here:
5. DORJ, an electro-soul, indie-pop artist, has been met with critical acclaim ever since his entrance into the music scene in 2015. Having returned from a European tour, he has been working hard on his next project. ‘Hipnotized,’ filled with hip hop beats overlain with funky synth, hosting his direct confessional lyrics that have become synonymous of his trademark explorations into the urban soul, will shortly be available on Spotify/iTunes, etc.

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DORJ’s EP show will take place at the Romano/Teder in February 2017. Updates here: