Local drag queen personality Nona Chalant brings her signature flair to stylish tours around Tel Aviv

By Victoria Singer
Avant Garde, Multidisciplinary artist Ronny Chokron, a fashion photographer and impersonator of Tel Aviv’s drag phenomenon, aka, Nona Chalant, used to run her own Culture Nights at Tel Aviv’s now defunct iconic gay bar, Evita, and has since gone on to helm a series of new projects, including a video series about whatever fits her fancy, taking inspiration from the likes of Ru Paul’s Drag Race to the Pesia Girls, a humorous Israeli group of men dressed as women. 
Next on the docket? A joint project with Tel Aviv Global City - running fashion tours starting this month ahead of Gindi Fashion Week. Chokron will host a range of fashionistas, journalists and artists in guided excursions throughout the city, talking about alternative fashion and trends, and meeting with local designers at their studios - like Ido Wolfman of Mardo Studio and bright, young thing Mark Goldenberg. 
Nona Chalant

© Dan Yosefi

Chokron’s love of fashion and eccentric personality is as entertaining as it is interesting and her guided tours are a sight to be seen with your own eyes. 

March 10, 11:00-13:00. NIS 70. Sign up in advance (visit-tel-aviv.co.il)

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