Take a Luka: the new fashion forward accessory you want to own

By Dalit Nemirovsky

You know that feeling when you look at something somebody else invented and you wish you had thought of it first ? That is what happened to me when I first saw LUKA. LUKA, aka “Luk at yourself,” is a combination of a beautiful stylish necklace and a super smart concept to match. Although this one-off product targets women over 40, every woman with a sense of style will relate.

Winds of age

Now, let's talk about age. Every lady turning 40 can feel the change. The eyes are not what they used to be; suddenly it's harder to read the small lettering on the menu, it's not that easy to size up that new bag you really want to buy by price tag alone, and reading text messages isn’t as effortless as it used to be. I mean, how big can a font get? We have to face the facts; we are living in a world of mobile communication where everything is small and fast and glasses cannot be the solution unless you wear them all the time. What is the solution you ask? LUKA is more than a  good option. Basically, it’s a magnifying glass at your service at all times. The tear shaped glass is attached to a gorgeous necklace (6 different designs to be exact) with a long chain allowing you the freedom to hold the glass and actually look through it.


The women behind LUKA are Dana Magen and Michal Henig, best friends who realized over breakfast that they had to create LUKA. They had just turned 45 and while they were eager to order their cup of coffee, they laughed at the fact that they both needed help reading the menu. They also laughed about getting older (and apparently wiser), then quickly got to work on what they thought would be a creative solution to their new problem.

That’s how LUkA was born. A fashion forward accessory that helps every woman see better with the aid of a magnifying glass (without actually calling it that). LUKA is beautiful and practical, but most importantly, super stylish and tailors perfectly to the lifestyle of the modern woman. 


Let’s talk shop

The LUKA necklace comes in 6 different designs, with more in the works . The Simply Gold is a delicate goldfield necklace attached to a golden ring, with a clear LUKA lens; the Black Sun, LUKA’s first design features an onyx beaded necklace with a green shaded lens, which pairs perfectly with a  pineapple cocktail on the beach; the Snake Eye is a glamourous black and silver round necklace, with a silver loop holding the green LUKA shaded lens; plus, Urban Junction, Golden Nights and String Attached –all creative stylish and practical designs.
All necklaces come with LUKA’s standard single vision CR-39 lenses. They are made of a lightweight and resilient optical polymer that is almost as clear as glass, but lighter. The CR-39 provides stellar optical quality; nevertheless, they can be easily upgraded to include scratch resistant, UV and anti-glare coating.

Good luck deciding which one you want.

Prices range between $89-$190 (Including free shipment)



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