The juice of Jerusalem: wineries in and around the Holy City

Wineries in and around Jerusalem compete to put the best glass on the Shabbat table. Ranging from small boutique labels to large enterprises, Jerusalem’s wine scene has something to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Wine has been produced on the hills of Jerusalem for thousands of years, making locals experts in the craft. After touring the Old City, stop by one of these wineries to sample the flavors from the fruit of the vine. Here is a list of some of the best wineries local to Jerusalem:
Teperberg 1870

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Founded in 1870 in Jerusalem’s Old City, Teperberg was one of the first family wineries established in Israel in the modern era. Now located in the Judean Mountains, Israel’s main tourist wine route, the winery is housed on Kibbutz Tzora. Teperberg combines its age-old production skills with modern tactics, bringing history and experience into every bottle. They offer a range of products, including table wines known as the Efrat series, higher-end wines in the Silver, Terra, and Single Vineyard labels, and dessert wines. Temperberg is Israel’s fourth largest winery, and exports first class wines to over 22 countries, winning many international awards. A staple of Jerusalem since before Israel’s conception, Teperberg 1870 crafts a wholly Israeli wine.

Contact: 02-9908080 /
Address: Kibbutz Tzora, Tsor’a

Tzuba Winery

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Tzuba is a biblical city known for its wine production, a tradition that continues on today. Many ancient wine presses have been found around Kibbutz Tzuba, located just ten minutes outside Israel’s capital. The kibbutz vineyard lovingly grows fifteen varieties of grapes, ensuring the freshest local fruit goes into every bottle. Tzuba is known for having one of the best Chardonnay’s created in Israel, and for producing Pinot Noir, a rare find in the area. Though the winery is younger than some, it has already won many awards, and is growing all the time. All of the wines produced are Kosher LeMehadrin.


Contact: 02-5347000 /
Address: Kibbutz Tzuba, Tzova, Jerusalem

Zion Winery
Zion Winery was first established in 1848 in Jerusalem’s Old City, adjacent to the Western Wall. It boasts the title of Israel’s oldest winery. Today, Zion Winery is located in Mishur Adumim, right outside Jerusalem. Their wine is a unique mosaic of grapes from vineyards across Israel, including the Galilee, Jerusalem mountains and Judean plains. Zion offers a range of products for all occasions and budgets, to suit those new to wine and those with sophisticated palates. In addition to crafting delicious wines, Zion has focused for many years on making spirits, such as arak and vodka.
Contact:02-5352540 /
Address: 45 Haruvit St, Mishor Adumim Industrial Area
Sea Horse Winery
Just southwest of Jerusalem is Sea Horse Winery, on Moshav Bar Giora. Several of the wines, including the Zinfandel, which is one of the first to be produced in Israel, are made with only organic grapes. The winery focuses on blends less common in Israel, giving them an edge on other local producers. The winery is not Kosher, which allows winemaker Ze’ev Dunia to withdraw a tasting straight from the barrels into visitor’s glasses. He draws his inspiration from around the world, and seeks to create Israeli versions of his favorite international wines. 
Contact: 054-4843495 /
Address: Moshav Bar Giora
Psagot Winery
Psagot Winery has continually grown since its founding in 2003. Today, eight different types of wine are produced, exporting a large number of bottles around the world. Just a six minute drive from Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood, the winery dwells in a beautiful stone building with a picturesque view of the Jordan mountains. Although it is a small winery, Psagot has received many silver and gold medal wins for its exceptional flavors. Visitors to the winery can linger over its taste along with complimentary smoked cheese.
Contact: 02-9979333 /
Address: D.N. Mizrach Binyamin, Psagot
Flam Winery
Flam Winery

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With a vision to produce wine at the highest international quality, the Flam Winery opened in 1998. Flam operates in a classic European family estate model. It is surrounded by vineyards in the heart of the Judean Hills surrounding Jerusalem, between the Kisalon River and Kdoshim Forest. Flam believes in having an intimate relationship with the vineyards used, and cultivates the same ones year after year. They believe this is the secret to creating some of the best wine in Israel. With seven varieties of red, rose and white wine, Flam is committed to its craft.

Contact: 02-9929923 /
Address: YaarHakdoshim, Eshtaol

Katamon Winery 
A tiny, boutique winery is Katamon Winery, located in the historic neighborhood of Katamon in south-central Jerusalem. Located in the basement of the home of wine maker Avital Goldner, Katamon Winery contains the passion of a true enthusiast, making up for its lack of size. When Katamon began in 2002, only about 300 bottles were produced, with the number growing today to just under 2,000 bottles a year. The wine is only sold at Avital’s house, making it a unique treat!
Contact: 054-6332206
Address: 4 Rabbi Tarfon, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Wineries
Jerusalem Wineries

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Jerusalem Wineries was established in 1976 in northern Jerusalem, and has received numerous awards worldwide. It is the only operating winery in the capital of the State of Israel. Jerusalem Wineries uses vineyards from three distinct locations in Israel, which allows them to craft different types of wine from the varying grape yields. The winery strives to use the most modern, advanced equipment in order to ensure high quality. In addition to the large selection of red, rose, and white wines available, Jerusalem Wineries also produces a plethora of sweet wine and grape juice. All of their wines are Kosher Lemehadrin. 


Contact: 02-5836875 /
Address: 3 Totseret St, Jerusalem
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