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The largest experiment for peace in the Middle East takes place this Thursday

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A massive, worldwide meditation will take place on November 9th in Jerusalem. The unexpected plus? It's also a scientific experiment.
An event called 'The Field' will take place this Thursday in Jerusalem, directed by Lynne McTaggart, an investigative journalist and author of ‘The Field’, a revolutionary book that captivated readers around the globe with its exploration of the unseen dimensions where science meets the spirit. The event will be in collaboration with Tsipi Raz the award-winning, Israeli documentary filmmaker and Dr. Salah Al-Rashed, a peace activist for human development.
On November 9–for 10 minutes–all over the world and broadcast from Jerusalem, tens of thousands Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Arabs, and Christians will simultaneously be connected to send an energy of peace, through unanimous prayer and meditation. A place in the Middle East with prolific symbolic meaning to various cultures has been targeted and all are coming together in this rare call for peace with a scientific intention of how the power of collective consciousness can affect, change and move situations in the world. 
In honor of this unique event, a film production is organizing a life event in Jerusalem with the event taking place at the Gerard Bechar Theatre in Jerusalem. Amongst the speakers of this momentous happening will be Dr. Noga Gazit, speaking about how inner peace leads to global peace; Imad Telhami, on the principles in business that support and encourage social ethics; Lilian Weisberger, of the Women Wage Peace Steering Committee, and The March of Hope and The Journey to Peace–two projects in which over 60, 000 people took part; a rabbi and a sheikh will speak about the biblical figures Ishmael and Yitzhak; and families from both sides, sharing their pain, will discuss solutions for lasting peace.

This global meditation will include musical performances and speakers, all with one common goal: to generate a spirit of unity that will create peace in the Middle East.
This global meditation will be broadcasted live from Jerusalem will take place globally according to this time table:
Tel Aviv - 20:00 
London - 18:00 
New York - 13:00
Los Angeles - 10:00
Tokyo - 02:00 (Nov 10th)
La Paz, Bolivia - 13:00
Buenos Aires, Argentina -14:00
Buy tickets to this unique event HERE.
To read about what happened there on Thursday press HERE


Gülnur S

I attended from home, without spending money. I wished peace from the bottom of my heart. Time will show the results. 

Ken C

Here is another more recent study published this year: Follow-up study suggests group meditation reduced murder rates in large US cities. Large groups practicing the advanced Transcendental Meditation program were associated with significant reductions in murder rates in US urban areas during the period 2007-2010. This was the fourth study in a series.

A total of eighteen peer-reviewed articles have now been published validating the prediction by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation program, that a TM-Sidhi group of this size would lead to reduced societal stress, as reflected in reduced crime, violence, accidents, illness, and increased positive trends in society. 

Zeno F

Zeno F = Rick Moskow

Geneva B

You know there's probably a lot more religions that would like to be included in this .

William H

Awesome ! I do this 3 times week with the reincarnation of Buddha online ! 

Bobby B

Bobby Bielik I envisioned The Damascus Gate being cleaned and flowers being brought to beautify its entrance. I felt peace coming to peoples hearts and feeling they could not offend the Old City anymore. Dancing and singing in the surrounding area around the Damascus Gate and as other heard what was happening in the Heart of Jerusalem they too began to feel peace in the Old City. Namaste 

Peter C

@Lisa A @E Andrée M More followed, did Taste of Utopia 83/84 in Iowa, then the Hague shortly after, though missed Wahington...   Doing our bit in Skelmersdale now but the groups are a little smaller here..

Annie S

why do you have to buy tickets for meditating for peace?? You're kidding me right??

Ana W

I was thinking the same thing Annie S

Aline B

@Annie S You don't have to buy a ticket, but there are several ways to participate and support the movement. I too will be meditating for peace at home. <3

Sarah T

@Annie S I believe the tickets are for a live event in Jerusalem that people participate in.

Michael J

Great idea!

N.O.W. by solu will be participating. We will have have a live stream of our N.O.W. Tone Therapy System. N.O.W. is a personal hardware product that shifts one's focus from thinking to being. And being-consciousness is what connects us all. 

Each time N.O.W. is used it creates a unique sonic moment, in that moment. Just sign up (and see our video): We'll send out a URL to join the live video stream just before event starts 

Best, Michael Joly 

co-founder solu