Underwater Eilat: diving down south

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Liat Fruman
Eilat is one of the top vacation spots in Israel due to the beautiful beaches of the Red Sea. It is also known as one of the most beautiful places for diving in the world, due to its coral formations containing over 250 species of coral and over 1,200 species of fish. The warm weather year round makes it an ideal spot for those looking to escape the cold. Visitors from around the world travel to Eilat to marvel at the underwater paradise. There are options for beginners and experienced, certified divers alike to explore the glorious crystal clear blue waters. We’ve collected some options for those looking to submerge in the south.
Shulamit’s Eilat Diving Adventures
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Shulamit’s is perfect for anyone looking to learn or advance their diving skills. They teach in small groups of up to four people so that every student gets the personal attention and customized level they need. Courses are taught in English, Hebrew, German, French and Russian, making diving accessible to almost every traveler. The dive center is located in a quiet Eilat neighborhood, but just a 5-10 minute drive to various dive sites along Eilat’s South Beach. Students will have the opportunity to dive at various coral reef sites during the course.

Contact: 054-4758525
Address: 34 HaTsaftsefa St, Eilat
Price: Guided dives NIS 200-300, courses vary from NIS 290-1350

Manta Isrotel Diving Center
Structured according to the most “user-friendly” training systems known, Manta uses a method of instruction practiced worldwide. To establish maximum safety, the foundations of diving are stressed. Each day of the course includes two dives and one classroom lesson. Basic stages are held in a private diving pool, before moving on to the sea. The facility offers a sauna, a hot-meal cafeteria, and a coffee shop, among other luxuries, and is known as one of the best training facilities in the world. Experienced divers can join Manta in both refresher courses and guided dives to take advantage of the most Eilat has to offer.

Contact: 08-6333666, http://www.divemanta.com/
Address: Yam Suf Hotel, Almong Beach, Eilat
Price: Courses starting at NIS 1000

Israel Dive
israel dive

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Offering introductory dives to newbies, diving courses for all levels, and diving safaris, Israel Dive has it all! Yaniv Mizrahi is a highly rated, professional, and patient dive instructor with years of experience. He stresses safety, environmentalism, professionalism, and fun in all his diving courses and excursions. Israel Dive’s courses are highly customizable, making it the perfect place for students in between levels. Yaniv is also experienced with underwater photo and videography, great for those who wish to take a souvenir from their underwater journey home. 

Contact: 052-6577995, http://israeldive.com/
Address: Eilat Southern Beach Rd, Coral Beach Nature Reserve, Eilat
Price: Introductory dives NIS 220-360, Courses starting at NIS 1250
Red Sea Lucky Divers
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Red Sea Lucky Divers is one of the most veteran diving clubs in Eilat, founded in 1977. They have certified over thirty thousand divers, including many instructors and dive masters. Lucky Divers offers courses for all levels, and holds introductory dives for everyone interested in diving, ages 8 to 88. Lucky Divers also offers guided snorkeling and dives, as well as refresher courses. Photo and video packages are available for purchase to keep your memories from the day!

Contact: 08-6323466, http://www.luckydivers.com/       
Address: Coral Beach, Eilat
Price: Introductory dives NIS 110-165, Courses starting at NIS 700

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