Your perfect weekend with: Lior Raz

Jerusalem-born Raz is the co-creator and lead actor of the Israeli breakout hit show Fauda, which premiered last month as a Netflix Original Series. The political thriller, based on the personal experiences of Raz, his partner, Avi Issacharoff and several of their friends who served in the IDF’s special forces unit, is one of the biggest successes in Israeli television. Raz shared how he would spend his ideal weekend. Follow suit and maybe you'll find inspiration for the next hit Netflix action series.


First stop 
I like to start my day at a small place called Beta Café in Ramat Aviv near my house. I order a double, long machiatto with a carrot juice on the side.
Room with a view
When I want to have complete quiet, I head over to the ninth floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel and sit in the business lounge. It’s the perfect spot for me - with a panoramic view of the beach and the ideal atmosphere for working. It’s where I am writing the second season of Fauda.

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Night on the town
I love to go eat at Greco. There is a great atmosphere there and delicious food. I also love walking around Jaffa Flea Market and eating at Café Puaa (8 Rabbi Yohanan St, Jaffa) . Then I go out with friends to Suramare. I love the people, the drinks and the hospitality there.


Training day
I go train at my gym, Zeus, in the morning. I’ve been working out for Fauda almost every day.
beach morning

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Morning at the beach 
I like to grab my morning coffee on Yermiyahu and Dizengoff  Streets and then go sit with friends and family at Mezizim Beach, adjacent to the Tel Aviv Port.

Family time
In the evening I say Kiddush with my wife and three kids. Every Friday night, we all sit in our garden with friends and family and I cook, we have a drink, and this is the perfect time of the week for me.  


Saturdays are for traveling. I have a Honda Akira Twin motorcycle and I can go off-roading with it. I love to go the Dead Sea or to the mountains of Jerusalem. Bar Giora is a very nice route for riders. It's between Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem in the Judean Hills and I love to stop and eat in Abu Gosh on my way.
Abu gosh

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Going out
There is a really nice bar called Speakeasy Rooftop and an Arab Jewish bar that nobody really knows called Anna LouLou. When I really want to go out to dance, I always go to the Cat & Dog. 
cat and dog

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