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A day at the Tel Aviv Port

Take a break from the beach and enjoy the coastline portside on the bustling boardwalk of the Tel Aviv Port

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While the Jaffa port has been around since the start, Tel Aviv has developed a newer northern attraction at the opposite end of the sandstrip. During the day, Namal Tel Aviv (the Tel Aviv Port) is surrounded by action: Tel-o-fun bikers on their way to Park HaYarkon, shoppers enjoying the outlet overload, families waiting in line for weekend brunch, and friendly fisherman catching their own. At night, the area’s hangars transform into Tel Aviv’s most happening nightlife scene, hosting crazy parties, community events, and all-night Jazz jams. Come see for yourself at the city’s trendiest hotspot.


Tel Aviv Port's top attractions


Indoor Port Market

Like San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza and Barcelona’s Boqueria, Israel’s latest market is an indoor offering of the freshest ingredients peppered with live demonstration cooking stations and upscale, fresh food eateries. Be sure to indulge in the handmade pasta bar.

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Old North

Hangar 11

After years in the business and hundreds of performances by leading artists, Zeev Isaac had a vision. As one of the most prominent producers in Israel and internationally, he wanted to create a venue appropriate for all kinds of events, from cultural to private and business. Hangar 11 is the product of his dreams. With video projection and some of the most advanced sound and lighting systems in the Israel, the multi-disciplinary venue hosts a wealth of events year round. In addition, a well-trained staff provide meticulous service to create the perfect evening, no matter the occasion.

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Old North

Tel-O-Fun (Green Rental Bike)

Ever dreamed of experiencing the chaotic roads like a true Tel Avivian? Well, now you can with these green machines. Tel-O-Fun bicycles are modern, safe, 3-speed bicycles located throughout Tel Aviv. The perks of this green energy alternative are that the user can purchase the bike for varying periods of time and can return the bike to any location in Tel Aviv. Not only that, after purchasing an extremely affordable day-pass, the first 30 minutes are free! As Tel Aviv is highly accessible by bike, the Tel-O-Fun program is an awesome way to explore the city while living like a local. From day to week passes, this ingenious program grants you the freedom and fun of having a bike without the worry of bike theft. So grab one of the signature green bikes and ride along Tel Aviv’s warm and stunning coastline over to Park Hayarkon for an afternoon of exploring.  

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Park  HaYarkon

Kitchen Market

Located in the Tel Aviv port's indoor market, Kitchen Market offers gorgeous views of the water while dining on creative food with excellent ingredients, conveniently, from the market. Enjoy one of the top spots on the city here while indulging in contemporary Israeli food brimming with creativity. This is harmonious food that surprises and soothes at the same time.  

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Tel Aviv Port

Beit HaYotzer (Tel Aviv Port)

Hangar 11’s got challah bakes, business affairs, and commercial events; Hangar 13’s got jazz and blues; Hangar 22’s got Beit HaYotzer. This small and intimate performing arts space is a hopping venue for the hottest musicians in town. Putting on concerts by international and local musicians, Hangar 22 sends music blasting through the port and into the waves of the Mediterranean all night long. Buy your tickets to the next show, head down to the port, and wait in line for a unique musical experience.

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Tel Aviv Port

Comme il faut

Comme il faut is comprised of a fashion house, women’s only spa, and chef's restaurant located at the Beit Banamal (Home in the Harbor) complex at Tel Aviv port, that offers a women's venue for culture and entertainment. Sybil Goldfiner founded the company together with Carole Godin 22 years ago, as a business by women for women. The company seeks to advance women in Israeli society by developing and cultivating feminist awareness. The approach that guides the company's activities is that a garment is not only a garment, but is also part of an entire gamut of political actions that are motivated by a cultural-critical worldview. The designers at comme Il faut believe that a piece of clothing truly resembles the way in which it was produced, the body image it carries, and the way we choose to advertise and display it. Moreover, the clothing article will always signify the values that inspired its creation.

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Reading 3

Get ready for bright lights, booming stereos, and 980 square meters of all-night fun. With the most advanced sound and lighting systems out there, Reading 3 is the perfect venue for local and international artists. On top of its three platforms, the space offers kosher catering and premium bar service fit for any occasion. Located in the bustling north Tel Aviv port, in just five short years, Reading 3 has risen to be a leading event space for private business events , launches and parties. Book your next gathering with the best in the industry for an experience you’ll be talking about for years.

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Tel Aviv Port


The same spot that reverberates with the exuberant tones of veteran jazz and blues artists like Lazer Lloyd, also resonates with the funk, ethno-jazz and hip-hop tapestry so many Tel Aviv musicians are known for. Grab a trumpet and toot your own horn because this little gem at the heart of Tel Aviv’s port is open seven days a week.

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Tel Aviv Port

Art Market Tel Aviv

As you step inside the Art Market Tel Aviv’s colorful, spacious showroom, you’ll leave Tel Aviv and enter Soho, New York. The inviting gallery space in the Tel Aviv Port is part of the Bruno Art Group and nearly a century old. With an extensive collection including works by emerging and acclaimed artists, both Israeli and international, the gallery sells works at a wide range of prices, so you don’t need to be a mogul to pick up a piece for your living room.

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Tel Aviv Port

Yahaloma Banamal

Yahaloma Banamal’s menu combines local, seasonal, high quality ingredients from the farmers market located next door. Chef Berman aims to provide diners with the best flavors using the freshest ingredients. Try one of the many creative dishes, such as the fish kebabs and radicchio with chard ravioli with salsa Verde and Bulgarian Meiri. The restaurant is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Located in the Tel Aviv Port, YahalomaBanamal has a meal you won’t want to miss! 

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Tel Aviv Beach 
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