A preview of August's Tel Aviv Dance performances

Five teasers for the international offerings at the Suzanne Dellal Centre's Tel Aviv Dance 2017 this August
© Conrado Dy-Liacco
By Time Out Israel Writers |

37 Israeli companies and artists, 28 performances, 12 guest companies, 7 Israeli premiers, 3 months, 1 venue. From August to October, the Suzanne Dellal Centre will be illuminated with rich contemporary dance routines that tap into a range of emotions, styles, statements, social & cultural issues. From an unusual pairing of hip hop and ballet from Berlin to a Chinese board game come to life and a modern twist on an operatic classic, Tel Aviv Dance 2017 invites companies and choreographers from all walks of earth to unite on one common platform: the stage. We're taking you on a trip around the world with a teaser of six international performances worth seeing this August.

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