An international tasting tour of the top Tel Aviv restaurants

Take your palate on an arousing adventure with these White City restaurant offerings from around the world
International food
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Israel does authentic Middle Eastern cuisine right; Tel Aviv does one better with incredibly diverse international offerings to match their authentic street food. With sushi so good it will make you second guess the rules of Kashrut, American grub so greasy you’ll think you’re back in the States, and Italian pizza crust so crisp it’s heavenly, you’ll be transported from these restaurants in Israel to a completely new continent after just one bite. Enough teasing...let your tastebuds guide you on an international tasting tour of the best Tel Aviv restaurants.  

Tel Aviv restaurants' mean scene of International cuisine

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Italian inspiration

Surprise! Despite the myths of cold pizza-by-the-slice being the extent of Tel Aviv’s Italian cuisine scene, Israel’s top chefs have finally put the rumours to rest. Their handmade tagliatelle, homemade puttanesca and oven-baked thin crust pizzas are all a sweet symphony in your mouth. Throw in perfectly grilled seafood from the Mediterranean and tiramisus worth every calorie and it’s no wonder so many of these Tel Aviv restaurants were nominated for Time Out Tel Aviv's Eating and Drinking Awards. With so many delectable options though, how do you choose? We’ve lessened the load by mapping out the best restaurants in Tel Aviv for Italian cuisine.

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Asian invation

With the highest class of chefs whipping up funkier creations  at their new restaurants in Israel, the international culinary craze has begun to dominate the Holy Land. From Italian restaurants in Tel Aviv to suave French Jerusalem hotel restaurants, and now, extremely authentic Asian cuisine, Israel is becoming a giant melting pot of nationalities. While many are mislead to believe that due to Kosher laws, sushi and seafood restaurants in Israel are nonexistent, these authentic Asian restaurants prove these prejudices wrong.

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God Bless 'Murica

As the Tel Aviv restaurant scene continues to grow as a melting pot of every cuisine available under the sun, the local hunger pangs for nostalgic American food seem to strengthen. American joints are popping up all over Tel Aviv, serving up everything from authentic street food to the classic all-American breakfast. And the latest major addition is America, an entire complex dedicated to American eateries, giving Telavivians a bite of some wholesome all-American grub. From food trucks to milkshakes and everything in between, we've got a list of the best American-style eateries in Tel Aviv, adding a little patriotic red and blue to the already White City.

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Japanese please!

We’ve already rounded up the best restaurants in Tel Aviv serving asian cuisine, we’ve even highlighted the best Thai Tel Aviv restaurants within those, but now, it’s time to get down to business with Tel Aviv’s best Japanese restaurants. Of course, that means sushi, and despite shellfish myths, the seaweed and rice wrapped delicacy is ever-so-common in the White City. Japanese fare isn’t all sushi though...we’ve also honed down on the best ramen shops in town (inside Sarona Market and Rothschild Allenby Market) for a complete sensory vacation to the Far East. Did somebody say sake bomb?

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Latin flavor

When it comes to grab-and-go grub, locals have mastered the art of Tel Aviv and Jaffa street food – from falafel to hummus and everything in between. So, why not step up to the plate and spice things up with another country’s street food? Well, that’s exactly what the White City has done. From delicious Venezuelan Arepas in the heart of the Carmel Market to taco Tuesdays and bottomless margaritas at Biggy Z, the Tel Aviv Nightlife bracelet bar staple, these Central & South American Tel Aviv restaurants are so authentic, you’ll forget you're in the Middle East.

Thai food
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Tantalizing Thai

If you’ve ever tasted harif on your falafel or mixed into your hummus before, you know that Israelis can bring the heat, which makes Israel the perfect destination for hot and spicy Thai flavors. Not only does the White City boast some of the best Asian restaurants in Israel, including some killer Tel Aviv street food staples; more specifically, their Thai game is on point. Warm your soul with a soothing bowl of Thai curry, refresh your palate with a sweet and salty papaya salad, and wash it all down with kaffir lime-inspired cocktails or a crisp Singha. One dish at these Thai Tel Aviv restaurants and your tastebuds will travel to Bangkok and back.

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Indian spice and everything nice

Tel Aviv isn’t all hots guys and hummus. Their international cuisine game is getting stronger by the second, and now includes a handful of incredibly spice-packed Indian restaurants. Whether you duck into the locally loved Ma Pau, just steps from both the Great Synagogue and Shuk HaCarmel, or spice up your life with a curry stewed up by the Captain himself in Sarona Market, our suggestions for the best restaurants in Tel Aviv serving Indian cuisine include everything from a vegan restaurant on King George to a South African Tel Aviv street food fave.

Georgian food
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Gaga for Georgian

Looking for a rich and authentic culinary experience steeped in Georgian culture? Whether you are familiar with the Eurasian country or you always thought it was an American state, you’ll go gaga for these Georgian restaurants in the heart of the city. Be it the first pillowy bite of mushroom-stuffed dumplings at Nanuchka, a staple of the Tel Aviv vegan scene, or an exotic meat dish and fresh-from-the-oven Georgian breads set to a regional musical background, these heavenly establishments are a must.  

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