Individual: Cabinet de Parfums
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Best Tel Aviv Perfume Shops

If ever there were a time of year to inundate your senses with a new fragrance, the onset of summer is it.

Written by
Elianna Bar-El

The sun's out, the city is teeming with shining faces ready to hit the beach and sounds and smells are pure memories in the making. From floral tones and deeper pitches unveiling musk, amber and patchouli to fruity notes of citrus blended with rosemary, these three aromatic perfumeries will put your keen nose in overdrive.

The top perfumeries in Tel Aviv

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  • Neve Tzedek
Perfume connoisseur Guy Schestowitz's concept store has reinvented the art of choosing a scent. With its spacious interior and contemporary design, Individual: Cabinet de Parfums is a fitting match for Neve Tzedek’s Shabazi Street in both style and substance, and this little gem of a shop is one-of-a-kind on the local market. Let yourself be transported to a new world of aromas at Individual, where the staff is made up of expertly-trained professionals who assist you in finding a unique scent that suits your personality through an effortless and enchanting process. Individual prides itself on its elite selection of international perfume brands and a special new addition of Histoires de Parfums latest series ‘This is not a blue bottle,’ which is a triple threat of fragrances tracking  a journey from the abstract to the most fiery emotions in the infinite realm of the color blue.
  • Shopping
  • Cosmetics
  • Shuk HaPishpeshim
Those missing their neighborhood apothecary-themed perfume shop will find comfort and intrigue in local fragrance-makers Zielinski & Rozen’s smattering of options. The husband-wife duo have jumped on the ever-popular band wagon and crafted a fragrant pharmacy of soaps, candles, diffusers, shower scents, perfumes and custom, made-to-order fragrances. Visitors can sit in the labatory-esque shop and choose from a wide variety of unusual scents to create a perfume that is utterly unique. "We write stories with fragrance," says co-owner Erez Zelinski-Rozen. "It's an unseen accessory that completes someone's appearance and delivers a message. We concoct perfumes from dozens of raw materials, including roots and grasses.” Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, including right outside their front door, “We've even created a perfume inspired by the eclectic street musicians in Jaffa playing on Fridays.” 
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