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Ten Hollywood films you wouldn't believe were shot in Israel

From the Jerusalem's Old City walls to Tel Aviv's beaches, Israel's landscapes have played host to an unexpectedly wide range of films over the years

Schindler's List (1993)

Steven Spielberg's magnum opus consistently makes its way onto must-see movie lists year after year. It comes as no surprise that the film dominated the Academy Awards that year, taking home the seven big hitters - including Spielberg's own very first Oscar for 'Best Director'. The historic, heartfelt and heart wrenching film about the Holocaust and one German businessman who put his life on the line to save over one thousand Jews is an epic period drama wrought with symbolism, humanity and intrigue. While it was mostly all filmed in Poland, in the movie's epilogue, the real life survivors, accompanied by the actors playing them in the film, are shown laying a stone on Oskar Schindler's grave to mark their visit at the burial grounds of the Mount Zion Catholic Cemetery in Jerusalem.

Sahara (1984)

This adventurous drama featuring Brooke Shields and Lambert Wilson was partially filmed in the Negev Desert near Eilat. It was the ideal setting for the fictional 'Trans-African Auto Race', where Brooke Shields' character disguises herself as a man to win the race through the 'Sahara Desert' and fulfill her father's dream.